Started From The Bottom Now We Here (Ezra Firestone on Selling Boom)

In today’s episode, Ezra Firestone shares Big news on the (partial) sale of his multi-million dollar business, Boom By Cindy Joseph. Ezra talks with Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw about what has been going on behind the scenes, how he prepared the company for this deal, and what it all means moving forward. He’s candid […]

Six (Not Business) Tools That Might Just Change Your Life.

If you want to feel better, think better, sleep better, connect with your roots, and stress less(!) tune in today for some slightly unexpected tools that Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw rely on in their personal lives. In this not-business episode, our hosts each share their Top Three favorite tools, hoping that they might help […]

Our Launch Report Card & The Second Scoop Strategy.

If you like data, testing, analysis, and AWESOME marketing results, you’re in for a treat. In this episode, our host (and CMO of Smart Marketer), John Grimshaw, dives into the numbers, because after all, aren’t numbers the way that we evaluate what marketing strategies are working and which ones we need to take off the […]

How To Override Your Stress Levels (And Improve Your Health and Happiness).

As digital marketers, online entrepreneurs (and let’s face it, humans) who take daily risks and have a lot going on, Stress is something that we all deal with. In this episode, Molly and John get practical and dive into their strategies for handling Stress. If you want to feel better and ultimately be more successful, […]

The #1 Key To Success With Facebook Ads (In 2021)

It’s no secret that this year’s iOS updates have caused a huge ripple in the marketing and business space. What used to work isn’t working anymore, and the industry is trying to keep up! But in today’s “We Out Here” episode, we’ve got some good news: Facebook Interest Targeting is still working and is more […]

Why Is Digital Marketing So **** Hard (Part 2)

So you want to get out of Digital Marketing? Are you over it? Conflicted? As you heard in Episode 59 (check that out first if you haven’t yet), our host Molly also felt this way, and John can also relate. But Don’t make any sudden moves UNTIL you’ve listened to both parts of this conversation. […]

Why Is Digital Marketing So **** Hard? (Part 1)

So you want to get out of Digital Marketing? You’re over it? You’re conflicted. Let’s talk about this. Surprisingly, Molly also felt this way, and John can relate too. Even when you’re hugely successful, the struggle is real. In this #NotBusiness episode (and in Episode 61, too), you will hear about the challenges, the remedies, […]

Half Way Through 2021 (Part 2) It’s Been Interesting

This has been an unusual year for a lot of brands and a tough year for many. So today, Molly and John invite you behind the scenes to take a look at the last six months at Smart Marketer. Hopefully, you can glean something from their experience and maybe feel a little less alone in […]

What To Do When You Really Piss Someone Off

How do you handle it when someone comes out of the left field and throws insults and accusations your way? Has this happened to you in business? This JUST happened to our Host Ezra Firestone, Founder of Boom by Cindy Joseph and Smart Marketer. In this #NotBusiness episode, he takes us behind the curtain and […]