Smart Marketer Podcast

What’s The Key To Retention (AKA Monetization) in 2023?

by Molly Pittman

At a time when marketers are all about Q4 and acquiring new customers, special guest Jason Donapel talks with Molly about also using Q4 campaigns for longer-term wins! Jason hones in on segmentation and personalization, shares tips that will bring your SMS strategy up to speed, and talks with Molly about Agency life. You’ll also hear about the one benchmark question he asks of every campaign he implements for his clients: How does it help us now and in the future?

You Will Learn:

  • Can you send as many SMS messages as you can emails?
  • What’s the point of diminishing returns regarding ultra-segmentation and hyper-personalization?.
  • The Three ‘Buckets’ That Frame And Protect Your Agency / Client Relationship.
  • Is Fiverr an OKCupid for Business Partners?


And More…




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Time Stamps:

01:19 Jason’s story Began on Fiverr

04:01 “Collaboration is wonderful if you can truly open yourself up to it, and allow yourself to be wrong and learn from people around you.” Jason Donapel.

07:10 Where the money is made!

08:55 Preparations For The Holiday Sales

13:15 Segmentation: A Multi-step process

14:47 “That point of diminishing returns always exists when we talk about personalization. And… It shows up fast”. Jason Donapel

16:52 How to attract more SMS Opt-Ins (and pitfalls to avoid).

20:20 The ability to test a specific message to a specific avatar at a specific part of their journey.

22:13 “This is a roller coaster. This is not a rocket ship to space”. Molly Pittman.

27:14 Molly Gives A Summary.