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Meet Ezra Firestone and the Smart Marketer team, check out our brand’s philosophy, and learn a little more about what we do here.

Hi, I’m Ezra…

I’m the Founder of Smart Marketer. Thanks for checking out our site! I’m glad you’re here. People often ask me, “Ezra, what’s your secret?” I have several profitable businesses, a loving marriage, an awesome team, and a pleasurable, meaningful life. Well, here’s the thing about secrets: they’re usually simple truths hiding in plain sight. So what is my secret?

About Smart Marketer

At Smart Marketer you will find the resources you need to build a successful business and maintain a pleasurable, balanced lifestyle. We run ecommerce stores that generate over $20 million in yearly revenue, and through which we’re constantly finding the most profitable trends in ecommerce. We then take what we learn and open source this information through weekly content, premium trainings, live events and a high-level mastermind.

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Premium Trainings

For business owners seeking in-depth training on how to grow their businesses, we offer premium trainings on all the most important subjects: Facebook advertising, email marketing, project management, starting a profitable Amazon business, and more. We strive to provide the most relevant and valuable information in a format that is easy to understand, with expert support to help you reach your goals.

Weekly Content

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Live Events



Life in Balance

Our logo reflects our view of success, which we believe relies on the balance of 3 things: business, relationships, and the self. While we do share strategies for building an ecommerce business, we also provide insight on how to sustain that business by maintaining the other areas of your life.

About Ezra

People often ask me, “Ezra, what’s your secret?” I have several profitable businesses, a loving marriage, an awesome team and a pleasurable, meaningful life. So what is my secret?

My secret is that I’m consistent. I show up everyday enthusiastic and ready to put attention on my goals, both in my personal life and my business life. That’s how I went from starting my first ecommerce store from scratch in 2007 to running multiple businesses that bring in $20+ million in yearly revenue.

Like most people, I started by moonlighting as an entrepreneur. I would come home after work and spend a couple hours a night studying ecommerce and building my first online store, My Costume Wigs.

Most beginning entrepreneurs are chasing greater freedom — financial freedom, freedom of time or location, etc. — and I was no different. I wanted more time to spend with my loved ones, and the opportunity to focus on what I found meaningful.

Building my store was a lot of work, but I kept at it — optimizing, trying new traffic sources — and eventually My Costume Wigs would become successful. And I have two pieces of advice for entrepreneurs who are just getting started:

1. Don’t give up. Everyone has ups and downs, but the people who make it are the ones who keep at it.

2. Don’t burn out. This is the most common reason people fail in this business. They work themselves into the ground. This game is about consistency, not intensity.

After a couple years running a profitable ecommerce store, I systematized the process well enough that I had time to start another. In 2010 I created what would become my most successful brand, a pro-age cosmetics line called BOOM! by Cindy Joseph.

It had a message that I cared deeply about and I felt the brand had great potential, so in 2012 I sold My Costume Wigs so I could focus more on BOOM!

As I continued to develop strategies for growing my business, I became more connected with the greater ecommerce and marketing community, and wanted an outlet to share with them what was working for me. Thus in 2013, Smart Marketer was born.

That year I collaborated with Digital Marketer to produce The Brown Box Formula, a training on how to start a drop-shipping ecommerce business, and that became my first big contribution to the industry.

In addition to providing the community with content on growing an ecommerce business, I also wanted to share my experience with developing a healthy, balanced life as an entrepreneur: how to have your personal relationships and interests flourish; how to grow a happy, effective team; and how imbue your business with integrity and purpose, and how to keep yourself healthy and feeling good in your body.

And while developing new strategies to grow my several ecommerce businesses, I would occasionally come across problems with no solutions — no tool for leveraging post-purchase upsells, or no landing page builder specifically designed for ecommerce, as a couple examples…

So in 2016 I created Zipify Apps, a software development company focused on creating apps for Shopify.

I now have a team of over 40 employees all over the world, and businesses that generate over $20 million in revenue. I have found incredible joy in creating products that provide people with value, in working with a team of close friends and family, and by participating in a community of amazing people.

And in addition to teaching I’ve also learned a lot, which prompts one final piece of advice: Find a mentor, and learn everything you can from them. You don’t have to blaze a whole new trail when there’s so much valuable information out there to help you succeed. Best of luck — thanks for reading!


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