Is It The Market Or Is It Your Marketing? With Kurt Elster and Molly Pittman

What’s the Common Thread Among Successful Brands In 2023? You’ll find out in this episode with the Entrepreneur behind The Unofficial Shopify Podcast. Kurt Elster talks with Molly Pittman about the unorthodox marketing strategies that set winners apart from the rest. You’ll hear his thoughts on the industry, the most critical skills (and practices) for […]

Three Underrated Metrics To Boost Facebook Ad Performance

Pepijn Hufen and his team at the Smart Marketer agency dug deep in 2022 and achieved excellent results for their high-level clients. Pep’s back on the show today to let you in on the secrets they’ve learned and the strategies they employ. Listen to discover the mystery metrics you need to look at (if you […]

Bonus Episode! Your 2023 Kickstart With Ezra Firestone

Consider this a Pit Stop for your personal alignment! Ezra Firestone (Founder of Boom, Zipify, Smart Marketer, and now the owner of Overtone) shares the exact process he uses to reflect and set goals for each new year. You’ll hear all about Ezra’s recent challenges and how he plans to re-align for 2023 – so […]

How To Manage And Scale Your Marketing (Smart Business Systems)

Today’s episode is taken directly from our leadership course, Smart Business Systems, which Smart Marketer newly launched in 2022. You’ll hear CEO Molly Pittman and CMO John Grimshaw talk about how they operate and scale all things Marketing (by looking at the big picture, acquisitions, and monetization). You’ll also learn how to prioritize what needs […]

What To Expect From Smart Marketer In 2023

Was 2022 A Roller Coaster For You Too? Molly Pittman (SM CEO) and John Grimshaw (SM CMO) reflect on a tough (but successful) year and set the tone for 2023. Spoiler alert, they’re not worried! Hear why they’re seeing opportunity ahead (and how you can capitalize on it too). You Will Learn: The Reason For […]

Your Google Performance Max Update (For 2023) With Brett Curry and Molly Pittman

In this power-packed episode, Brett Curry shares the “Quick Hit Tips” you’ll need under your belt if you want to win with Performance Max in 2023. But there’s so much more in his conversation with Molly Pittman. You’ll hear how your job as a Marketer is shifting and why that’s Okay, and you’ll hear about […]

Breaking News: The Most Important Split Test That John Has Ever Run

Is it better to send an email with a lot of images and a little bit of text, or an email with a lot of text and just a few images? Does email layout and body even matter? John Grimshaw has the answer for you in this short shot of an episode! We’re bringing you […]