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Optimize Your Traffic System (Business Growth Playbook Pt.2)

What does every marketer and entrepreneur need to have success in digital business?

The CEO of Smart Marketer, Molly Pittman, recently sat down and dove deep into this question and wrote our most popular webinar to date, The Business Growth Playbook for 2024.

If you haven’t already listened to Episode 183, start there. We shared audio of Molly teaching the first of four growth levers: Optimize Your Offer System. Today follows on from that session, and now it’s time to focus on the flow of traffic through your offer system. Molly shares 12 different “plays” for you to choose from.

“Offers are what people consume. It’s what they say yes or no to. Traffic is how they get there”. Molly Pittman.

You Will Learn:

  • How to move people from one offer to the next (almost like an assembly line)/li>
  • How to measure the success of each step so that you can do effective Optimization work
  • Why you need to assign every step a Primary Goal


And More…

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Episode 183: LEVER 1, Your Offer System

Episode 184: LEVER 2, Your Traffic System

Episode 185: LEVER 3, Your Monetization Plan

Episode 186: LEVER 4, Your Mindset.




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Time Stamps:

00:00 “It’s not the sexiest thing we could have given you. It’s not the thing that would make our market go wild, but it’s what people need, right? It is, in the chocolate-covered carrot analogy, the carrot. Right? The chocolate is the Ad stuff that everyone thinks they need to figure out (and they do). But the carrot is the actual offer flow. It’s the traffic flow. It’s the big-picture strategy. And then the tactics”. Molly Pittman

03:36 Let’s Dive Into The Playbook: Growth Lever 2

04:17 A Guide To Your Paid Traffic Budget

05:30 “To do optimization work, you have to set specific goals for each step, or you’re going to get lost on which part is working and which part is not working.” Molly Pittman

12:50 What could a Level 1, Non-E-Comm Evergreen traffic system look like?

18:11 What could a Level 2 Traffic System Look Like for a Non-E-Comm business?

21:43 Level 2, E-Comm

24:15 Level 3, Non E-Comm

26:24 The Bought X But Not Y Campaign

30:12 Last But Not least: Level 3, E-Comm.

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