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The Most Overlooked Growth Lever (Business Growth Playbook Pt.4)

Do you ACTUALLY believe your goals will happen?

If you’ve listened to the last three episodes, this one may surprise you! Molly Pittman takes a step back and delivers an all-important #NotBusiness episode to round out the series.

The last growth Lever in our mini-series is likely the most important: Your Mindset. You’ll hear five Questions you need to answer that will make you happier and increase your Success as a Marketer or Entrepreneur.

You Will Learn:

  • How to set goals that create Success as opposed to goals that create hustle and strife
  • Practical ways to keep the big picture in focus
  • Why you need to stay in tune with the people you work with (and the people you serve).
  • One of the most significant blows to a business (that happens time and time again)


And More…

“Whether you’re a business owner or work in marketing, it doesn’t matter. We all want to feel fulfilled. We all want to feel happy. We all want to ensure that our time on earth is spent in the best way possible. And I think, especially in America, there can be a misguided idea of what Success is.” Molly Pittman

Episode 183: LEVER 1, Your Offer System

Episode 184: LEVER 2, Your Traffic System

Episode 185: LEVER 3, Your Monetization Plan

Episode 186: LEVER 4, Your Mindset.




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Time Stamps:

05:35 Question #1: Do you believe your goals will actually happen?

08:22 Question #2: Are You Keeping The Big Picture In Focus At All Times?

10:30 Question #3: Are You Protecting Your Energy?

13:40 Question #4: Are You Staying Connected To Your People?

18:00 Question #5: What Do You Need to Do to Stay in Balance?

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