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How To Use Your Marketing Skills For Good

Do you ever feel like there must be something more? Digital marketing can be a grind, often leading to fatigue, emptiness, and general dissatisfaction. In this #NotBusiness episode, the Smart MarketerCEO Molly Pittman answers your questions about her dog rescue and, in turn, shares how Non-profit work brings meaning to your ability to market, sell, and raise funds. You will hear how she’s saving lives, being refueled with energy to sow back into the business, and building a legacy she is proud of.

You Will Learn:

  • What does Legacy look like?
  • Why partnering with a Non-Profit (or starting one!) is the best thing you could do – for you.
  • How Molly’s dog rescue brings a fulfillment that business never could.
  • How to use your Marketing and business skills for something bigger than yourself.


And More…




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Time Stamps:

00:00 “I wanted to encourage you to really think about what this could be for you. How can you use your business and marketing skill sets to make a greater impact on this world? Nothing is more fulfilling, and nothing will give you more energy to put back into your business”. Molly Pittman

02:19 “Millions of animals die from euthanasia in the shelters. And by animals, I mean perfectly beautiful dogs that are house-trained and have wonderful behavior”. Molly Pittman

06:40 2500 Dogs Saved (and Hoping For 3000 More In 2024).

08:30 Questions Molly Gets Asked About The Rescue.

12:00 “The breeds that are sadly less desirable, honestly because of marketing (like Pit Bulls) – most of them stay with me for months, even though they are honestly the least aggressive breed, the most loving, and the most kid-friendly.” Molly Pittman.

15:32 “Whatever type of nonprofit work calls to you, it is calling to you for a reason.” Molly Pittman.

17:45 How you can support Kentucky Saving Them Together.

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