10 Marketing Predictions for 2023

Digital marketing is constantly changing, but in the last two years its evolution has gone into overdrive. From new ad platforms to privacy restrictions to powerful AI software, there are enough marketing innovations on the horizon to make your head spin. Fortunately, it’s our job at Smart Marketer to keep track of this stuff. So […]

Why 10x ROAS is (Usually) a BAD Thing

What is the goal of an ad campaign? Is it to get the highest return on ad spend (ROAS) possible? Not always. In this post, I want to explain why a 10x ROAS is usually a bad thing. This misunderstanding can have a huge impact on a business, so even if you don’t deal with […]

Is It The Market Or Is It Your Marketing? With Kurt Elster and Molly Pittman

What’s the Common Thread Among Successful Brands In 2023? You’ll find out in this episode with the Entrepreneur behind The Unofficial Shopify Podcast. Kurt Elster talks with Molly Pittman about the unorthodox marketing strategies that set winners apart from the rest. You’ll hear his thoughts on the industry, the most critical skills (and practices) for […]

How To Manage And Scale Your Marketing (Smart Business Systems)

Today’s episode is taken directly from our leadership course, Smart Business Systems, which Smart Marketer newly launched in 2022. You’ll hear CEO Molly Pittman and CMO John Grimshaw talk about how they operate and scale all things Marketing (by looking at the big picture, acquisitions, and monetization). You’ll also learn how to prioritize what needs […]

Your Google Performance Max Update (For 2023) With Brett Curry and Molly Pittman

In this power-packed episode, Brett Curry shares the “Quick Hit Tips” you’ll need under your belt if you want to win with Performance Max in 2023. But there’s so much more in his conversation with Molly Pittman. You’ll hear how your job as a Marketer is shifting and why that’s Okay, and you’ll hear about […]

Four Ways To Run Your Facebook Ad Campaigns In 2023

Why are Pepijn Hufen and his Media Buyers at The Smart Marketer Agency so excited? They’re seeing some significant improvements in their Client accounts. As you have come to expect with this Podcast, we’re sharing all the insights with you today so that you can move into 2023 with the best strategies and results possible. […]

What You May Have Missed In 2022 (Our 3 Most Downloaded Episodes)

Molly Pittman (SM CEO) and John Grimshaw (SM CMO) are back and excited to celebrate two years of The Smart Marketer podcast! Listen as they share the three most-listened-to episodes of this year (so far), plus a few things in the pipeline. You’ll hear content from Episode 98, ‘How To Manage Scale And Think About […]

5 Business Tips from the Co-founder of Arrae, Nish Samantray

Nish is the co-founder of Arrae, an ecommerce brand that sells targeted supplements for women. In 2020, Nish bootstrapped Arrae from $0 to $1 million without launching a single ad… Today, he spends nearly half that every month on paid advertising! His journey over the last two years has been incredible. Not only is it […]