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Optimize Your Offer System (Business Growth Playbook Pt.1)

As a marketer, you can have no better skill set than Offer Creation.

Last week, Molly Pittman went live for the first time with an all-new Business Growth Playbook, which comprises 18 different plays you can use in 2024 to grow your business. We are sharing the audio from this webinar for marketers and entrepreneurs so that you can identify which level your business is at, and employ all the plays you can to elevate your complete offer system.

“Remember, we’re developing a skill set here. And I want you to think about these plays, whether you’re in a moment of consulting, starting a new business, or helping a friend, to be able to pull these out of your brain and say, Ooh, here is the blueprint for this. Here is the strategy for this, and here are the assets you need to build it”. Molly Pittman

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Episode 183: LEVER 1, Your Offer System
Episode 184: LEVER 2, Your Traffic System
Episode 185: LEVER 3, Your Monetization Plan
Episode 186: LEVER 4, Your Mindset.

You Will Learn:

  • 13 Offer Options for you to use to lead someone through your customer journey
  • Ezra’s favorite tactic he likes to call “New and Fancy.”
  • Why this is the best time to be a Performance Marketer
  • How much of your budget should you assign to Content Amplification?


And More…




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Time Stamps:

00:00 “People spending money online for 2024 is forecasted to increase 10 percent, which is pretty significant, which would mean 6. 3 trillion of sales on the Internet in 2024. So let’s figure out how to carve out a piece of that pie for ourselves”. Molly Pittman

02:26 Ezra shares his “New and Fancy” strategy.
04:16 “Companies are so focused on new product development that they forget about making the current offers that they have better, repackaging that and selling it again.” Ezra Firestone

05:35 Molly shares how the Business Growth Playbook came about.

09:16 Train My Traffic Person Starts Feb 7th.

11:30 Let’s Dive Into The Playbook: A Pairing of Strategy and Tactics
13:52 Molly makes a prediction about the future of the Industry
16:07 What are the four Growth Levers?
16:50 Three Levels: Where are you now?
19:41 Lever 1: Building Or Optimizing Your Evergreen Offer System
20:45 “If you’re having trouble achieving initial success, or if you’re having trouble scaling, it is probably more of an offer problem than an ad problem.” Molly Pittman

21:30 Your Level 1, Non-E Comm Offer System
29:23 Summary of Assets you will need

20:13 Your Level 1, E Comm Offer System
33:21 Summary of Assets you will need

33:56 Your Level 2, Non-Ecomm Offer System
35:20 More Advanced Lead Magnets
42:13 Summary of Assets you will need

43:43 Your Level 2, E Comm Offer System
44:20 Three New Offer Types To Layer In
48:35 Summary of Assets you will need

49:12 Your Level 3, Non-E Comm Offer System
49.35 “A healthy Non-E-comm business at level three is running about 5 to 7 cold traffic offers at a time, four warm traffic offers, and about 2 to 3 hot traffic offers. And we’re starting to mix in a lot of the offer styles from levels one and two”. Molly Pittman
55:31 Summary of Assets you will need.

55:52 Your Level 3, E Comm Offer System
56:36 A Happy Accident: The Evergreen Discount/Category Sales Page
58:36 Summary of Assets you will need.

1.00 “The ads are important, but nothing matters if you don’t have the right assets in place. to really uplevel your marketing strategy in the way that you want to.” Molly Pittman.

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