New Course Discount: $300 OFF Smart Google Ads

Breaking News: The Most Important Split Test That John Has Ever Run

Is it better to send an email with a lot of images and a little bit of text, or an email with a lot of text and just a few images? Does email layout and body even matter? John Grimshaw has the answer for you in this short shot of an episode! We’re bringing you […]

What Every Marketer Needs To Understand To Get The Most Out Of Email Marketing

It’s a crazy time for marketers here in Q4, so what better time to drop an episode about the money-making channel, Email? Whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned entrepreneur, listen to this quick episode with our guru John Grimshaw to ensure you have this powerful channel covered like a pro (and get […]

Molly & John’s Top 6 Business-ish Books For Digital Marketers

I’m so excited for this post! Obviously, I’m excited for every post, but today I get to talk about one of my favorite topics: books. And these aren’t your typical “marketing” books, either… We curated our own eclectic reading list to inspire your whole person, not just the usual subjects they give you in business […]

Simplify Decision Making With The “M.V.P. Inventory” System

“The scale of your vision should dictate the scale of your business — and the scale of your life.” This post stems from a C-level conference I had with Molly and Ezra back in April. The goal during our 3-day meeting was to plan the future of Smart Marketer and sketch out a long-term vision […]

4 Ways to Boost Lifetime Customer Value

Smart Marketer Podcast Episode 54 Customer Lifetime Value

Get ready for a high-impact 20 minutes! John is the solo host of this episode, where he breaks down your 4 best opportunities to make additional sales and increase the lifetime customer value of your brand. Using tons of real-world examples, John teaches you how to pinpoint the moments WHEN your customers are ready and […]

The MVP Inventory: Simplify Decision-Making with a Vision

This is essential to managing and growing a brand… John is the solo host of this episode focused on the MVP Inventory System. MVP stands for “Mission, Vision, Principles” — concepts that are essential to managing and growing a successful brand. In this episode, John shares how we’re applying these concepts at Smart Marketer, how […]