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Double Your Email Open Rates (And 4X Your Click-Through Rates) With John Grimshaw and Molly Pittman

It’s time. If you have an email list, you need to reframe, refresh and rebuild your relationship with your email recipients. In this episode John Grimshaw (CMO of Smart Marketer) will explain the why and the how, so that you can overcome any email issues you’ve had this year, and prevent any future hiccups!

You Will Learn:

  • Why more of your emails have been ending up in Spam!
  • How to frame every single email in this Warm-Up Campaign.
  • Application and ideas for different types of businesses.

And More…

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00:00 “Spam filters are critically important, and this process of ‘warming’ helps us reset and say, ‘let’s redo our interaction! Let’s hit refresh on this relationship’ – and anybody’s business can do this!” John Grimshaw.

00:28 Why Molly Pittman thinks you need to listen to this episode.

01:52 John Sets The Scene: What Changed Email (In 2021)

“Open rate used to be the best measure of how engaged your email list was, and an engaged email list can help you make money in your business.” John Grimshaw.

03:49 The Gmail Slap.

10:39 How To Fix (Or Improve) Your Email Performance.

11:18 Why You Need To Do This Soon.

13:36 Step 1. Create A Positive Upward Spiral.

16:34 Step 2. Optimize Your Email Template.

17:27 Step 3. Change To A Dedicated Sending Domain.

“When you change your sending configuration by either changing your IP or your sending domain, you have put on the Clark Kent glasses, and you look completely different to Gmail.” John Grimshaw.

21:30 What You Need In An Email Warming Sequence.

24:40 Why Running A Promotion Isn’t Your Best Bet.

27:17 What About Your Automation?

27:57 One Caveat: The Way To Frame These Emails.

“You really can be more honest in these emails than you might think. This is not something where we’re trying to trick the end-user into doing stuff.” John Grimshaw.

29:05 What if your business isn’t so content-heavy?

34:09 Don’t fly by the seat of your pants: Plan This Out Ahead.

36:00 A Methodology For Success.

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