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Fill-in-the blank worksheets, calendars and 100+ email templates you can use for any brand in any market

John's email system for generating and nurturing leads, converting new buyers & increasing repeat purchases

Current iOS 15 best practices & strategies for offsetting rising ad costs caused by iOS 14

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Your insights and training have helped me grow my employers website revenue to over $5 million my first year, 35–40% from email alone.
– Michael W

It's Time to Invest in Email: The Unsung, Revenue-generating Hero of Digital Brands.

Listen, we love a new marketing channel as much as the next person (TikTok? Sounds like fun!), but if you want to build a sustainable brand then email should be your bread and butter.

It’s the most reliable, most profitable marketing channel — dare we say — ever? Here are 4 major benefits email can deliver for your brand:

Generate more profit (reliably).

Not only is email the most profitable sales channel (approx. 40x ROI vs the 1.5x of Facebook), it's also the most reliable.

Email marketing started in 1978, and it's been making marketers boatloads of money ever since!

Meanwhile, think about how much of a headache Facebook has been over the last few years (especially iOS 14), or how many businesses have crumbled because of a Google update.

Nurture your customers.

Email is still the best way to communicate with your customers (yes, really!).

As popular as social channels are, organic reach is down to 2% on Facebook and 9% on Instagram — that means up to 98% of your audience don't even see your marketing!

Meanwhile, email has a whopping 80% organic reach. That's why a strong email system is the cheapest way to nurture cold leads, convert new buyers and increase repeat purchases.

Monetize your other channels.

A strong email game doesn't just increase email sales — it improves the performance of ads and social campaigns, too.

At a time when it's hard to generate sales and get clear data from Facebook, email is the perfect way to offset rising ad costs caused by iOS 14.

Email has a 2.5x higher conversion rate than ads., and it can also help you grow your social following, build brand loyalty and monetize your audience all year long.

Invest in your most valuable asset.

Those Facebook ads? That's paid media: you pay to get in front of prospects quickly and at scale, which is great. But it's also expensive, complicated, and at the end of the day the audience belongs to Facebook.

Email is owned media: it's cheap, easy, and you have complete control over the customers — meaning no platform update or algorithm change can stop you from reaching them.

Plus, your list is your most valuable brand asset.

"But wait — is email too saturated?"

Every effective marketing channel gets crowded. But as these channels fill up, the best marketers will always win…

And to win with email, you have to balance story-driven content with relevant sales offers, and organize them into a thought-out promotional calendar. 

Fortunately, this is exactly what you learn in Smart Marketer’s new mentorship program, and we give you 100+ templates to help you do it.


Train My Email Specialist

A 12-week mentorship program that teaches anyone how to turn email marketing into a revenue engine.

How This Mentorship Will Help You Succeed

Your Mentor

John Grimshaw is CMO of Smart Marketer and our resident email expert. You're in great hands!

Expert Coaches

To give you more individual attention and guidance, we have a team of email specialists to answer your questions and give you feedback.

3-month Curriculum

Expect 6 hours of training and out-of-class implementation sessions each week, including hands-on instruction, one-on-one coaching and weekly action items to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.

How-to Videos

Detailed implementation tutorials to help you build and run a successful email system.

Resource Library

Fill-in-the blank worksheets, templates and calendars to guide you through every module and milestone. These are the same resources John uses on a daily basis.

Q&A Sessions

Each week, get answers to your questions and expert feedback on your work to accelerate your progress.

Private Facebook Group

Get support from your peers and reach out to our TMES Coaches whenever you need them.

Limited Class Size

All email specialists are different; that's why we limit the number of students so we can give you what you need to succeed in this program.

PLUS Lifetime Membership

As a member of this Mentorship, your team gets lifetime access to recordings of every future semester along with new course updates, worksheets & bonuses ($1,497 value).

“We’re on day 3 of the 4 day price hike and it has been the most dominant, ridiculously high-performing email campaign we’ve ever sent.”

– Scott W.

Course Curriculum

Each session of TMES mixes strategy, implementation and feedback to give you a clear path to success with email.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m John!

I’m Smart Marketer’s data-obsessed CMO, and in my career I’ve sent over 443,000,000 emails.

But more importantly for you, in just 12 months I doubled Smart Marketer’s email revenue using the same email system I teach in this mentorship.

Which is amazing because Ezra is a fantastic email marketer who had already generated millions of dollars with this sales channel.

But hey, it just goes to show you that even a marketer as smart as Ezra can’t possibly manage everything on his own. 

As the business owner his attention was split a dozen different ways, so even though email was already Ezra’s biggest revenue generator, he knew that to grow the brand he needed someone who could focus on email full time.

So when Ezra made me his CMO, managing the email list was my highest priority.

You may not realize it, but an email specialist is one of the most important roles on any marketing team. 

This person does a heck of a lot more than just send out blog posts: they generate the most revenue, engage with the most customers, and help grow the brand’s most valuable asset — your email list.

And if you don’t invest in your email specialist and give them the tools they need to succeed, it doesn’t just hurt your email revenue — it lowers ROI from every other channel.

That’s why we created this mentorship program. 

Over 3 months, I will help you or a team master the skills I use every day as a professional email specialist, so you can drive more email revenue for your own business or any brand that hires you.

“Should I Join This Mentorship?"

All Business Types

The system works across all markets and industries: ecommerce, info products, SaaS, agencies — you name it.

All Team Sizes

Whether you're a do-it-yourself business owner or you have a designated email specialist like John, this is the most efficient system for leveraging email to drive growth.

All Skill Levels

Depending on your experience level, this mentorship can help you build an email system from scratch or improve the skills you already have.

All Budgets

Email is the most affordable and most profitable marketing channel — and it works at all scales. No matter your budget, TMES will help you get a high ROI from your investment.


I completely changed my career and after watching the email marketing course in November I landed work with 5 different clients immediately, 3 of which are still here in May!
Trayan Hristov
Founder & CEO, Thrivelia

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How-to implementation tutorials

Resource library of fill-in-the-blank worksheets & templates to guide you through every module

Q&A sessions to go deeper on each lesson & get weekly feedback to accelerate your progress

Private Facebook group for networking, building friendships and pushing each other to succeed.

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