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Special Anniversary Edition: 5 Takeaways From Our Top 5 Episodes (So Far)

With one year and a whopping 80 episodes in the bag, Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw have lined up a special episode to celebrate. You will hear snippets from five of the most-loved, most downloaded, most valuable episodes since launch. Don’t worry; we’ve made sure to give you powerful snippets that you can apply right now or dive into further by going back to the original episode.

Thank you to our listeners for your 5-Star Reviews and meaningful messages! The Podcast has gone above and beyond what we expected, and we have YOU to thank for that.

Listen to learn:

  • Two ingredients you need to build into every Video Ad you make (Ryan McKenzie).
  • The #1 “domino” you need in place to reach a 9 figure business (Ezra Firestone).
  • Your first step toward a calm and steady life (as opposed to triggered and traumatized) so you can run your business better (Gabby Bernstein)!
  • How to identify Facebook Interest categories that your competitors haven’t considered (Molly Pittman).
  • Four tracking methods that will work for you, even after the iOS 14.5 update (John Grimshaw)!

And more!



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00:45 Molly and John share what this Podcast has meant to them this past year and how they picked their Top Five episodes.
03:22 Molly & John Introduce #5 On The List.
05:37 A Clip From Episode 42: The 7-Step Viral Video Ad Formula Behind $100K/Day in Ad Spend, With Molly Pittman and Ryan McKenzie.

10:30 John Introduces #4 on the list.

11:49 A Clip From Episode 14: Five Lessons from Hitting $100MM in Revenue, With Ezra Firestone

17:32 Molly Introduces #3 on the list.

18:40 A Clip From Episode #2: What’s Holding You Back as a Digital Entrepreneur? With Gabby Bernstein.

24:38 Molly Introduces #2 on the list, Episode 62.

26:27 A Clip From Episode #62: The #1 Key To Success With Facebook Ads (In 2021), With Molly Pittman

31:42 John Introduces #1 on the List, Episode 40.

33:11 A Clip from Episode 40: Why You Should Ignore the Shovel Salesmen & Use these 4 Tracking Methods, With John Grimshaw.

38:17 “I was not expecting when we started this podcast that it would be such a two-way street.” John Grimshaw.

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