Smart Marketer Podcast

The 7-Step Viral Video Ad Formula Behind $100K/Day in Spend

by Ezra Firestone

Want to create the perfect storm for opportunity and growth?
Molly is joined by Ryan McKenzie of TruEarth to talk about how he scaled to over $100,000/day in ad spend with amazing video ads. During this chat, you’ll learn the 7-step ad formula Ryan used to create the viral videos that have skyrocketed his laundry detergent brand. He’ll show you how to create the perfect storm for opportunity and growth, including how to use the right hook, invest in consumable creative, speak to the right audience, and get tactical with Facebook’s algorithm.

You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of “selling the hook”.
  • Why you should include a pattern disruption in your video ad.
  • How to leverage a problem the customer wasn’t aware of.
  • How Ryan comes up with his big ideas.

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1:13 What led up to $100K a day in spend?

4:09 The marketing is good, but the hooks are spot on.

5:34 Here’s 2 things Ryan did to take his game to the next level.

8:47 What’s the first requirement of scaling?

11:02 It really matters where you include video ads in your funnel.

14:33 Is there already a market for your product?

16:24 Mixed Results – Ryan chats about his work with agencies.

20:00 Your video ad should have pattern interrupts. Here’s why…

21:54 Find a problem customers aren’t aware of and leverage it.

25:04 After you grab their attention, it’s time to apply the logic.

29:16 Ryan really wanted to buy that iPad.

32:11 Surprise, surprise… another CTA, lol.

33:48 Mitigate the risks. Here’s how…

35:12 How do you get the whole team on the same page to reach new heights?

37:34 Not everyone will like your personality and that’s OK.

38:42 This is what Ryan would do if he had to start over today.