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Ezra's 2022 "Profit Formula" Black Friday Training

We're celebrating 3 years of podcasting (by giving away awesome prizes)!

Once upon a time, 3 people who love to talk about marketing started a marketing podcast.

3 years and more than 165 episodes later, we can’t believe how far the podcast has come, with episodes on everything relevant to marketers and entrepreneurs and interviews with some of the industry’s biggest names.

Now, to celebrate 3 years of the podcast, we’re thanking our entire community by giving away a ton of awesome stuff!

Enter our Smart Marketer Podcast giveaway for your chance to win $46,907 in prizes, including our grand prize: 2 consulting sessions with the Smart Marketer leadership team to set the stage for your best year ever and a massive 2024.

And while you’re at it, you can listen to some of our favorite podcast episodes: topics range from ads (Facebook, Google, TikTok), to  email (lead gen, monetization), to business strategy (scale, offer creation), as well as 2 of our favorite interviews featuring Gabby Bernstein and Kim Lewis.

Enjoy some of our most popular episodes!

EPISODE 139 | Ads

Learn the latest Facebook tips, tweaks and trends from Dennis, the Senior Media Buyer at the Smart Marketer Agency. (And don’t miss Dennis’ #1 strategy of 2023, which is quite literally the opposite of what Facebook has been preaching!) 

EPISODE 85 | Email

Think email is too hard, too costly, or even (gasp) that it’s “dead”? Well guess what — email remains one of the best ways to grow a brand in 2023, and in this episode, Ezra and John break down a lucrative 4-email sequence, Ezra’s email epiphany, and more.

EPISODE 94 | Google

50% of all Google ad campaigns fail in the first 90 days — so why is Molly thrilled about Performance Max? She’s joined by Kasim Aslam, owner of the world’s #1 Google ads agency, to explain the incredible power of this new campaign type.

EPISODE 86 | Tiktok

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become a massive marketing platform. That’s why we brought in TikTok expert Maxwell Finn to tell us what he’s learned from $50k in daily ad spend, including his essential resources for TikTok advertising.

EPISODE 98 | SCale

Hear how Molly and John operate and scale all things marketing by looking at acquisition, monetization, and the big picture. You’ll learn John’s Proven Offer Formula, common mistakes marketers make, what “branding” really is, and more!

EPISODE 120 | Special Guest

Want to know how to beat Imposter Syndrome, live a happier life, and stay sane in this crazy world? In one of our all-time favorite episodes, Molly and John chat with #1 New York Times bestselling author, Gabby Bernstein. 

EPISODE 137 | Special Guest

What’s it like to be on Shark Tank? Find out as Kim Lewis tells Molly what that experience did (and didn’t) do for her business. Hear about Kim’s true moment of breakthrough, the keys to her success, and what she wishes she’d done sooner.

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Grand Prize

2024 Consulting Package (plus $17,064 in other prizes).

$27,064 Value

2 private, hour-long consulting sessions with Molly Pittman, John Grimshaw and other members of the Smart Marketer team. We’ll look through your ads, emails, offers and landing pages to give you actionable advice for how to improve your marketing to set you up for your biggest year ever in 2024!

The winner also gets:

  • 1 seat in Molly’s traffic mentorship ($2,997 Value)
  • 1 seat in John’s email mentorship ($2,997 Value)
  • Access to entire (current) Smart Marketer on-demand course catalog ($11,070 Value)
  • 1 year membership to Zipify Pages ($1,164 Value)
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Knowledge + Software to Help You Finish 2023 Strong

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Get access to the entire (current) Smart Marketer training catalog, including our hands-on Mentorships, in-depth Smart Courses and actionable Blueprints! You get the strategies, case studies, and templates we use to run our 7–9-figure businesses, while learning about paid ads, email marketing, organic social, Google & YouTube, and more.

The winner gets:

  • 1 seat in Molly’s traffic mentorship ($2,997 Value)
  • Access to entire (current) Smart Marketer on-demand course catalog ($11,070 Value)
  • 1 year membership to Zipify Pages ($1,164 Value)
3rd Prize

Molly's Train My Traffic Person Mentorship

$2,997 VALUE

Join Molly’s 4-month mentorship to get hands-on coaching in how to become a successful media buyer. In this course, you’ll learn how to craft customer avatars, come up with high-converting copy and creative, and manage an ad account like a pro advertiser. You also get access to a private community, and over 50 hours of educational content.

4th - 10th Prize

Performance Max Blueprint

$397 VALUE

Add 6 marketing channels to your brand with 1 powerful new Google campaign type.

If you’re ready to diversify your traffic strategy, then get ready to learn how to run Google’s Performance Max campaigns from Brett Curry, the expert behind $10 million in profitable monthly spend.

Ezra's 2022 "Profit Formula"

Black Friday Training

While we’ll be getting our big winner ready for 2024, we don’t want to skip how important the holiday season is for businesses! 

Everyone who enters will unlock Ezra’s 2022 BFCM Training with every single strategy Ezra used to generate $8.5 million between two brands during the holiday season, including instructions for how to grow, engage and monetize your holiday audiences across multiple channels (while avoiding expensive ad costs). In the Smart Marketer Podcast giveaway, everyone’s a winner!

10 lucky winners in all.

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