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A Beginners Guide To Mastering TikTok in 2022 (Part 1), With Maxwell Finn & Molly Pittman

As a digital marketer, your plate is full. But, if you’re like us, you are always looking for more runway, more reach, and a better way to build your audience. We get it, and we’re on it!

We’ve brought in an expert, special guest Maxwell Finn for this episode. Why? Because the best time to dive into TikTok marketing was yesterday. But the next best time is today! Finn will convince you that this is not just a good idea but a great idea.

“So it’s over a billion monthly active users, which is massive, right? There hasn’t been another platform (Since Facebook) that has both the Ad tech, the platform, the performance plus the scalability.” Maxwell Finn

Listen as Molly Pittman (known for being a Facebook Ads Superstar) asks all the questions!

Maxwell’s agency (Future Traffik) serves clients with daily ad spend upwards of $50k, and we’ve boiled down everything you need to know to get started into this two-part episode

In Part 1 You Will Learn

  • What TikTok cares about most (and it’s not how many connections or followers you have).
  • The Apps and Resources you’re going to love.
  • A clever hack to make people watch your video more than once.
  • Best Practices.

And more!

“Even if you’re not going to run TikTok Ads, I think everyone here should be on this app because a lot of your customers are on it or are going to be on it. This is where they’re spending hours every single day”. Maxwell Finn.



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01:57 Molly launches the Live Webinar and introduces Maxwell Finn.

07:38 Let’s Dive in (Maxwell Finn).

10:46 TikTok only cares about Content (Not Social Connections).

12:25 Stats (you didn’t know).

14:29 #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

16:38 Best Practices for TikTok Creative.

18:34 TikTok Creatives fall into Three Buckets.

21:09 Finn’s Top Performing angles.

25:15 Follow The Trends.

28:21 The best way(s) to do your Creative Research.

30:03 Apps & Resources you will love.

32:45 Spark Ads.

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