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Running Through the Brick Wall: How Kim Lewis Built Curl Mix To Over 10M In Revenue

Have you wondered what would happen if you got onto Shark Tank? Kim Lewis had that opportunity and talks with Molly Pittman in this episode about what that did (and didn’t do) for her business. You will hear about Kim’s true moments of breakthrough, the keys to her success, and what she wishes she had done sooner.

Listen now to gain valuable insights from Kim’s journey and discover how to apply these lessons to your business.

You Will Learn:

  • The importance of considering your customers when starting a business (it sounds so obvious, but…)
  • Why selling a system (as opposed to individual products) might be the secret sauce your business needs
  • The marketing books Kim recommends to help you take your business to the next level

And More…



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Time Stamps:

02:30 Kim Lewis breaks down her business and her background

04:02 The benefits of selling a system

06:21 There comes a point in your business when you need to “run through the brick wall.”

08:38 Failing forward (and finding your ideal customer avatar)

13:42 Kim’s Favorite Marketing Books

15:11 What Did They Gain From Going On Shark Tank?

18:31 Is Work-Life Balance Achievable As An Entrepreneur?

19:43 Possibly The Best Use Of Your Time

21:15 Organic Social Media Is Research For Everything Else

23:51 An Income Stream that doesn’t ride the waves of Social Media?

25:14 What Does Kim Wish She Had Done Sooner?

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