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Google’s Performance Max – A Dream For Digital Marketers? With Molly Pittman and Kasim Aslam

Traditionally, 50% of all Google Ads Campaigns fail in the first 90 days. So why are these two leading marketers SO excited about Google’s Performance Max? Hasn’t it been getting a bad rap?

Our guest today, Kasim Aslam, owns the #1 Ranked Google Ads Agency on The Planet. Listen if a Google Ad-Type that’s Audience centric (instead of KeyWord centric) is music to your ears! Kasim talks with Molly about how (and why) Google seems to have been holding back – but is now laying their cards on the table. You’ll hear all about Performance Max, what it is, and what it can do for you.

“The Google ecosystem is so much more robust than the Facebook ecosystem. Facebook is an app or a website. Google owns the world, it’s the internet, right? The Google display network reaches 90% of internet users.” Aslam.

You will learn:

  • Why Google has been holding out on Interest Based Targeting.
  • Why people are dismissing Performance Max.
  • Why start with Google Ads (above other strategies and platforms)?
  • How to get a head-start now.

And more!

Thank you for listening.



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00:00 “Flash forward to today. It’s interstellar space travel. You don’t get to drive the ship. The computer does that. You’re not in control.” Kasim Aslam.

03:39 Kasim gets mildly arrogant (for a brief second).

“Google ads specifically, is just failing forward. You have to get really comfortable with iterative failure”. Kasim Aslam

06:28 The big mistake that most agencies make.

07:16 Why start with Google Ads?

08:29 “I can’t tell you how many people told me to choose a niche. And I never did because I didn’t want to be bored. But as soon as I niched down, it was amazing what it did for our company.” Kasim Aslam.

09:17 How to sell when your product has multiple fail points.

11:05 Nothing works out of the gate (so you need to learn how to overcome failure).

14:13 What is Performance Max?

15:32 No Longer A KeyWord Centric Strategy.

17:20 “Facebook has 55,000 demographic and psychographic profiling factors. Google has 72 million.” Aslam.

19:46 Molly’s dream come true.

21:56 A Caution (And Why People Are Dismissing Performance Max)

23:00 What Performance Max IS and how You should think about it.

25:53 Step #1

26:48 “There’s this horrible study from Harvard business school, 1970s, it says it takes seven touches before somebody’s ready to convert. Google says it takes 500.” Aslam.

28:20 If you get stale, your campaigns will get stale.

31:55 Audience Signals.

32:52 Google Custom Segments

36:51 The Expansion Opportunity.

40:29 The First Thing You Should Do To Get Started.

43:04 If you Want to Work With Kasim at Solutions 8.

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