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What’s Holding You Back As A Digital Entrepreneur? (Special Episode With Gabby Bernstein)

This episode is for you if you want to know how to beat Imposter Syndrome, live a happier life, or stay sane in this crazy world. We are re-visiting one of our all-time favorite episodes for Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs. Why? Because our community needs to hear it! Join our hosts Molly Pittman (SM CEO) and John Grimshaw (SM CMO) as they chat with #1 New York Times bestselling author Gabby Bernstein. In this Not Business episode, Gabby shares her story to help you become the happiest, most fulfilled, and most balanced individual outside work. Why? Because you matter, you’re worth it, AND your personal life will affect the performance of your business.

“If you’re an entrepreneur, your career is a relationship, your business is your relationship, and it’s a very intimate relationship. That relationship reveals to you the unresolved parts of your shadow side that need to be healed.” Gabby Bernstein.

You Will Learn:

  • How to be Happier!
  • How to find the best tool for your healing process.
  • How to keep your head “Screwed On Straight” Amidst The Craziness.
  • The most important word as an Entrepreneur…

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:00 “When you’re in a place of making things happen and forcing things to be and pushing, pushing, pushing, you can get stuff done. You can work 70 hours, and you can have success, but there’s a glass ceiling there because your Being can’t hold that. Your mental state can’t hold that. You’ll constantly live with imposter syndrome because you’re not well enough to hold the magnitude of what’s within you. So it’s being on a committed personal growth path that will allow you tremendous success.” Gabby Bernstein.

03:22 Let’s Dive In.

05:19 “Your humanness doesn’t go away when you’re in your business.” Gabby Bernstein.

06:59 A Breakdown that Leads to a Break Through

08:04 What It Takes To Switch Off

14:06 Where do you start (when you know you’re out of balance)?

18:41 EMDR

25:09 Two Steps For Relief From The Effects Of Trauma

26:34 How do you find the best tool for your healing process?

34:30 Imposter Syndrome

35:09 “I think that a lot of entrepreneurs, particularly the successful ones, do have stories from their past that are not so fun, and I think a lot of those stories might have been a driving force behind the desire to succeed and the desire to strive forward.” Gabby Bernstein.

40:28 Scarcity and Abundance

42:22 The Importance Of Inspiration

45:01 How To Keep Your Head “Screwed On Straight” Amidst The Craziness

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