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What To Do (In November) For Record-Breaking Black Friday Success

Q4 Is upon us, and there’s no doubt: As a business owner or marketer, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season is your biggest opportunity in 2022. The good news is you’ve got time to take action and see your best season yet, and we’ll show you how.

In this episode, you’ll hear the exact breakdown of what Ezra’s team does across his companies (including Boom, Zipify, Smart Marketer, and Overtone) to squeeze the juice out of this sales season. We’ve broken Ezra’s Black Friday Success plan into two parts: October and November (check out Episode 114 if you didn’t catch part 1).

You Will Learn:

  • What you need to do in the first three weeks of November (to complete the buzz-builder phase).
  • What you need to include (and leave out) on your Opt-In and Thank you pages.
  • What your merchandising strategy could and should be?
  • The absolute best Up Sell Funnel.

And More…



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Time Stamps:

01:33 Let’s Dive In

04:10 Here’s the funnel flow of the Buzz Building Opt-In.

06:33 “Literally 50% of the money I make on my black Friday, cyber Monday sale comes from the people who opt into the early bird campaign, which is only like 30,000 out of a million on my email list. Those 30,000 people are responsible for half the money, and that’s why I do it”. Ezra Firestone

06:47 What to include on your Opt-In page (and Thank You page).

09:14 Action Items (so far).

10:03 Running Your Actual Sale (Establish your Merchandising strategy)

10:30 “What’s the point of discounting to the point where you’re not profitable. It does not make any sense”. Ezra Firestone.

13:00 How to make your sale work better than your Competitors.

14:30 Create Your Campaign Phases.

19:27 Action Items (Merchandising)

20:35 The flow of your Actual Sale.

23:36 The absolute best Upsell Funnel.

24:40 How to do the Ads.

25:15 “So if you drive traffic normally all year round on Facebook, you should re-market during your holiday sale on Google, on TikTok, on Instagram…You should re-market everywhere.” Ezra Firestone

27:11 Create ads for every Sub-Campaign

28:53 The Minimum Assets you’ll need for your ads.

32:61 “Don’t consider it a done deal. When someone has bought from you one time, we create special messaging for people who bought one time during the sale and communicate with them differently than people who had yet to buy, and we incentivize them to buy a second, third, fourth, or fifth time. We can get about 10% of people who buy once to buy twice during the sale period”. Ezra Firestone.

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