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Video Highlights:

00:10 – Innovation – Ezra’s most important lesson
00:25 – What sets successful entrepreneurs apart
01:15 – How James and Ezra have learned from each other
01:30 – Getting what you want from people who have it
01:50 – Being around people who are doing what you want to do
02:00 – Follow James and Ezra at
02:40 – What you put your attention on grows
03:10 – Attention will make your business grow
03:40 – Making room on your bookshelf

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Ezra: Hey, Ezra here.

James: And I’m James.

Ezra: And we’re back at you. We’ve just finished our “Think, Act, Get” lifestyle business retreat and one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned from this retreat is that of innovation. Something interesting happens when you do something, you think about it and you experience it and you think about ways that you could improve upon it.

And it’s one of the things that I think sets a successful entrepreneur, a successful business owner apart from folks who are not quite as successful. Those who are able to innovate, those who are able to see, have an experience, see what it’s like and then think about the ways that they would improve it. And I think you should talk a little bit about it.

James: There’s a lot of ideas and cool stuff. And when you get together with other people, especially smart people, then you’re seeing the way that people do things. And sometimes, it’s different to the way they’ve been doing it before. But the thing that I think is extraordinary is when you implement thing immediately. So, what we’ve found, we’ve spent about a week together, now. And we’ve been sitting nearby doing laptops, sort of doing our own work, discussing what we’re up to, showing each other a little trick or whatever.

But, immediately, by implementing. Both of us have actually lifted our game because I’ve transferred some of the things that Ezra’s been doing into my workflow and Ezra’s transferred some of the things practiced beyond even a laptop. It’s even vocal language. It’s driving technique, it’s absolutely every part of living.

Ezra: And you know, it brings us back to the concept of getting what you want from people who have it. If there’s someone who has what you want or is doing what you want, you learn from them, you implement those things and then you innovate on top of them. So, you add your own little flair to it. And it’s just one of the quickest ways to make leaps in your life is to be around people who are having the experiences that you want to have and then learn from them how they’re doing it and go about it.

James: The easiest way to do that is to watch the blog posts that get put up on and Both of us post tips and tricks and videos and podcasts and all sorts of things pretty much every single week. And if you were to follow those and then implement and even join in the discussion by commenting next to the videos, your business is going to actually leap forward.

And we also recommend you listen to our combined podcast which is called where we talk about this sort of stuff all the time. Pretty much every week, we have a new topic. And then we argue with each other, share ideas and we issue some action steps. So, check it out at

Ezra: Please do. And I want to leave you with one final thing which is that what you put your attention on grows. Where your attention goes grows.

James: Yes. It’s like going into a darkroom with a flashlight. Whatever you point that flashlight on is exactly what you’ll see. And you won’t see everything else.

Ezra: Well, here’s an example of that. If you stop putting attention on the people in your life, they go away from you. So, if you have a relationship with someone and you start ignoring them, that relationship
starts to dwindle. It’s the same thing with your business. When you focus your attention on your business, your business will grow. That’s why live events work so well.

That’s why things like coming to the Think, Act, Get lifestyle business retreat, which is what we just finished here, has such an impact on your business because you’re spending a certain amount of time narrowly focused on one topic. And you tend to make leaps and bounds in that area when you put your attention on one topic for an extended period of time.

James: So, here’s how you take that information and implement it. You might thinking “Well, gosh, two more blogs to follow, one more podcast.” My challenge is get rid of a couple of blogs or podcasts that you’re following that aren’t getting you the results that you want.

Ezra: The bookshelf thing.

James: The bookshelf. Imagine you have capacity for six books on your bookshelf and it has solid book ends. If you’re going to put more books on the shelf, you’ve got to take books off the shelf. So, we’re asking you to receive some information from us. See what you can get on the bookshelf that’s not serving you any favor, that’s just taking up space. It’s actually taking your attention and not getting you the results.

Our stuff is going to get you results. Take something off the bookshelf, put our stuff on and be sure to comment so that we know how engaged you are with all of this stuff.

Ezra: Thank you for watching this video. We appreciate you spending a little bit of time with us. I’m Ezra Firestone.

James: And I’m James Schramko.

Ezra: We’ll catch up with you soon.

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