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Psychology of Selling Part 1


Video Highlights:
00:10– One of the classics in our community
00:30– He learned to sell by asking an expert
00:55 – You get what you want from people who have it
01:15 – Someone is doing whatever you want to learn
01:25 – People like to talk about what their passions
01:45– Take a model that already works and then innovate
02:20 – How Ezra took what was working and added his own flair
02:45 – How have you learned from others and innovated?

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Hey, Ezra here and welcome to Chapter 1 of the Psychology of Selling for the Smart Marketer bookclub. So we’re reading this Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy which is one of the classics in our community. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend that you pick up a copy, there’ll be a link on this page where you can buy it from Amazon. And these videos are really about the higher concepts in the book, so we can talk about what you think about them, what I think about them and what our experience is with these concepts in the Psychology of Selling book. And we’ll keep reading other books after we finish reading this one. And the first I notice is on the first, basically the first page, first thing he says is hey, I wasn’t very good at this thing, I was terrible at selling, I couldn’t make a sale. And then I found someone in my company who was killing it, who was doing really well, was making a lot of sales. And I asked them what they were doing. And they showed it to me and then from there I innovated. I took what I learned and I went for it and I added my own stuff on to it. And this brings me back to a fundamental concept that I believe in life which is that you get what you want from people who have it.

Brian Tracy wanted to learn how to sell, so he went and found someone who was selling really well and he learned it from them. If you want to learn how to run a yoga studio you find someone who’s doing it and you learn it from them. If you want to learn how to run an e-commerce business you find someone who’s doing it and you learn it from them. I think that really is just a fundamental thing in business, that there are people out there who are already doing the things you want to know how to do. So why not ask them to teach you? Because for the most part when someone is really passionate and really engages in something and spends a lot of their time doing it they’re more than happy to talk to you about it.

For example, if you ask me about e-commerce it’s hard to shut me up. Like I really like to talk about that stuff, so I’ll share with you everything that’s working in my e-commerce businesses. And so I just thought it was interesting that the first thing in his book was get what you want from people who have it.

Now, I’ve actually figured out what the next level on that is, what the next step is, and it’s innovation. So you learn from someone who’s already doing that thing, you learn their system and then you apply it, and then you think about ways that you could potentially improve it, ways that you could innovate. Ideas that could only come to you, so the way that you really take something to the next level and be really successful at it is by taking a model that already works and innovating.

So if you look for example at the way that I’m doing content marketing, the way that I’m running and the way that I do my content marketing, it’s a little bit different than the way everyone else is doing content marketing. That’s because I took a look at what everyone else was doing, I looked at the model that was working really well which is basically create really high quality, relevant information that will be valuable to your community and syndicate it across all the social networks and share it and advertise it. And then I added onto that will cool design and different ideas like the book club and I just kind of put my own flair on it, I innovated. And the community, you, are responding really well to it.

I think that’s really the next step, is you take a model that already exists, and then you innovate and then you add your own flair and you add your own flavor to it. So what I want to know from you is, what have you learned from someone that was already doing something and you took that model and you used it and it was successful for you and you innovated. So I’d love to hear stories of how you got what you wanted from someone who already had it, and also what you think about that concept in general and what you think about that first couple of pages of the Psychology of Selling.

Thank you for participating in the Smart Marketer book club, this has been the first video of I think a lot because this book is chock full of content of The Psychology of Selling with Brian Tracy. I’ll catch up with you on the next video.

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