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The Four Pillars Of Google Ads (Part 2)

If you want to dive deeper into Google Ads, then 1) You’re smart, and 2) You’re in the right place. Over a billion shopping experiences happen across Google daily, yet Google Ads is frequently under-optimized by even the most successful businesses and brands.

In this super helpful two-part series, Brett Curry of OMG Commerce breaks down how to get more from Google and see better results. You’ll hear about the four pillars; Google Search, Google Performance Max (Google Shopping), ReMarketing, and Top Of Funnel (YouTube) Ads. You’ll gain more understanding of the THREE types of campaigns that will help you create more stability and predictability for your business.

Go back to Episode 149 if you missed Part 1 in this series.

You Will Learn:

  • Is Branded Search Wasted Spend or a valuable necessary evil?
  • Why you should separate your branded search into two categories (New Customer Acquisition and Brand Loyalty).
  • Why you must start with Re-Marketing for your YouTube campaigns.
  • Where you can expect to see 80-90% of your YouTube conversions.
  • Is Meta Cheaper For Top of Funnel than YouTube?

And More…

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Time Stamps:

01:00 Let’s Dive In: Search Campaigns (The OG)

02:40 The Million Dollar Question (For a lot of brands)

04:55 Brett’s #1 Tip For Branded Search

07:05 Let’s talk about Top Of Funnel YouTube

07:50 “Here’s what I believe about Re-Marketing: Everybody’s doing it. Everybody’s running re-marketing. But Most people suck at it.” Brett Curry

09:17 Audiences that are likely to convert

11:27 Ezra Talks About His Newest Acquisition, Navage.

15:50 YouTube Ads Are Not The Same As Meta Ads

16:42 “What you say and how you say it is more important than production value.” Brett Curry on YouTube Ads.

21:53 Don’t get overwhelmed or scattered. Focus on ‘The Critical Few’

25:44 Why Google Ads Are More Important Than Ever Before

26:25 A checklist of what you need to make massive scale possible.

30:06 Brett Introduces Smart Google Ads: What does the course cover and include?

36:54 Q&A Begins

36:59 How To Deal With Policy Violation Flags

43:30 Will Google Ads work for newbies and micro-businesses?

45:13 Is Meta Cheaper For Top of Funnel Or YouTube?

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