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Add 6 marketing channels to your brand with 1 powerful new Google campaign type.

Ready to diversify your traffic strategy? Learn to run Google's Performance Max campaigns from the expert behind $10 million in profitable monthly spend.

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Launch one Performance Max campaign to run ads on all of these channels:

Search Ads

Display Ads​

Shopping Ads​

YouTube Ads​


Gmail Ads​

Performance Max is the future of Google Advertising.

In this Blueprint you'll learn how to:

Simplify Google ads with machine learning

Diversify your marketing strategy with the world’s largest traffic source

Copy the same strategies used to grow top brands like Native, oVertone & BOOM! By Cindy Joseph


We’ve made big strides with Google and YouTube ads with the help of OMG Commerce. We love working with them and view the team at OMG like an extension of our Live Bearded team.
Anthony Mink
Co-Founder, Live Bearded

The power of Google ads, made simple.

As ad costs continue to skyrocket on Facebook and Instagram, it’s never been more important to diversify your traffic strategy.

And what better platform to adopt than Google? 

Google is the world’s largest traffic source (with 2x the reach of Facebook and Instagram combined) and covers over 92% of the internet. 

With this new channel, not only can you bring in extra revenue right away, you can also protect yourself from the fallout of another algorithm change or iOS update.

But I get it: Google ads feel hard compared to Facebook. 

The interface isn’t as streamlined, and you have to juggle a ton of different marketing channels like Search, Shopping, and YouTube.

But all that’s changing with the new Performance Max.

P-Max combines 6 of Google’s top channels into 1 powerful new campaign type. By adding this single strategy, you give your brand high-converting ads on Search, Display, Shopping, YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.

Add 6 new traffic channels with 1 campaign

Search Ads

Strengthen any existing ad strategy with powerful retargeting campaigns to increase bottom-of-funnel conversions.

Display Ads

Grow brand awareness and generate new leads with top-of-funnel Display Ads that reach 90% of all internet users.

Shopping Ads

Build high-ROI shopping funnels and product feeds to capture more bottom-of-funnel sales for any ecommerce brand.

YouTube Ads

Unlock a massive new sales channel and diversify your traffic by scaling onto YouTube’s 2+ billion user platform.


Get your branded content on a user’s customized feed with this highly targeted platform powered by machine learning.

Gmail Ads

Imagine having a 1 billion-person email list! Gmail ads land you right in the inbox and cost up to 90% less than other PPC ads.

P-Max uses machine learning to simplify Google ads

by automatically finding the best use for these channels at the top, middle and bottom of your funnels.

It’s the exciting next step in the evolution of Google advertising, and Brett Curry can’t wait to show you how to take advantage of it.

Brett owns OMG Commerce: a Google certified partner that spends over $10 million a month on Google and Amazon with clients like Native, oVertone and BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.

Learn how to use this new campaign type directly from a bona fide expert with real-world experience growing top brands. 

This 2 hour blueprint contains 19 training videos that combine in-depth strategy with step-by-step tutorials to help you leverage Google’s powerful new campaign type for any brand.


Getting Started with Performance Max

What is Performance Max?
How P-Max Differs from Other Google Campaign Types
How P-Max Fits into Your Marketing Stack
Case Study: How an Outdoor Brand Got 2.7X ROI with One P-Max Campaign


Using Performance Max to Maximize Shopping

Campaign Strategy: Goals & Setup
Audience Signals Bidding strategy
Listing Groups & Product Feed
Case Study: Maximizing P-Max Conversions for oVertone
Assembling Creative Assets for Successful Ads
Campaign #1 Buildout: Leveraging Shopping for Efficient Growth
Case Study: Auto brand 2x’s Revenue and gets 295% ROI


Performance Max for Top-of-funnel Growth

Going Beyond Shopping for Scale
Listing Groups & Shopping Ads
Display Network for Scale / New Traffic & Customer Acquisition
YouTube Ads – Video Strategy, Assets & Hooks
Campaign Buildout #2
Reporting Insights & Optimization
Case Study: Health and Wellness Brand Gets 8.6K conversions with P-Max
Action Items for Executing Your Blueprint

Course Workbook

This bonus resource will guide you through the content, helping you absorb each lesson and implement what you learn.

Meet Your Instructor

Bretty Curry

CEO, OMG Commerce

First and foremost, Brett’s passion is helping eCommerce companies grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts.

And as the CEO of OMG Commerce, Brett has played a key role in the growth of some of the fastest-growing ecommerce companies today—including BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, Native deodorant, Smarty Pants vitamins, and many more.

He’s a repeat presenter at top industry events like Traffic & Conversion Summit, IRCE, Ecommerce All-Stars, Content & Commerce, SMMW, and MDMC. Brett is also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping, and he hosts the eCommerce Evolution, a podcast centered on accelerating growth for eCommerce.

Master Google's new campaign type with Brett Curry, the Founder of a top Google ad agency.

Diversify your marketing by adding 6 channels from the world's biggest traffic source

19 training videos that combine in-depth strategy with detailed tutorials

3 case studies showing real-world results of P-Max campaigns in brands just like yours

Leverage machine learning to simplify the process of running Google ads

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Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.

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