The 8 Immutable Laws Of Email Marketing, With John Grimshaw

How do you make email marketing work for you? Our host John Grimshaw has overseen the sending of 440 Million emails (so far)! In this episode, he downloads his expertise and explains how applying this knowledge will give you the competitive edge you’re looking for. “With the number of marketing messages people get every single […]

8 Growth Strategies For 2022 That Are Cheaper Than Facebook Ads

Right now, there’s a surplus of advertisers on social media who joined for the holidays, and they’re driving up the price. On top of that, iOS 14 continues to make targeting less effective so it’s harder than ever to scale our campaigns. I expect the prices to return to normal early next year, but I […]

How I Accidentally (Kinda) Started An Animal Shelter, With Molly Pittman

Amid this insanely busy week of the year (Thanksgiving/Black Friday), we are taking a ‘Not Business’ moment to step back and share some exciting (and compelling) developments in the personal life of our host, Molly Pittman. Listen in to hear 1) How Molly’s life-long dreams are unfolding and 2) How she and her partner are […]

Special Anniversary Edition: 5 Takeaways From Our Top 5 Episodes (So Far)

With one year and a whopping 80 episodes in the bag, Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw have lined up a special episode to celebrate. You will hear snippets from five of the most-loved, most downloaded, most valuable episodes since launch. Don’t worry; we’ve made sure to give you powerful snippets that you can apply right […]

How To Compete When Ad Costs Are High, With Mari Connor

This episode is your (Complimentary) window into a Team Traffic call with Molly Pittman and special guest Mari Connor. Mari (of Marigold Marketing Group) turns rickety FB Ad Campaigns (That Bleed Money) Into Scalable Campaigns That Make Money! Sounds good, right? Tune in for expert advice and solid strategies that will help you battle your […]

Eight YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

In this episode, Molly Pittman answers a question that came in from one of our listeners: What does she ‘consume’ in her personal life to keep her inspired and rejuvenated? Molly shares her most favorite media channels (that have nothing to do with Digital Marketing)! But they each have ’a special magic’ that has helped […]

5 Business Tips from the Founder of Native Deodorant, Moiz Ali

By Ezra Firestone & Moiz Ali | November 3, 2021 “We went from making 500 units of deodorant a week in 2015 to 25,000 units a day by 2017 — and you know, by 2020, it was significantly larger than that.” – Moiz Ali, Native Moiz Ali is the Founder of Native, an all-natural deodorant […]

What To Do (Now) To Protect Your Email Marketing From The iOS15 Update

Just when you thought you were (almost) on top of the iOS14 update, our friends at Apple have thrown us an iOS15 curveball, and this time it will impact Email Marketing. But, as always, it’s NOT panic time! Listen to find out what the update means for your business. Plus, our host John Grimshaw shares […]