Happiness Is An Inside Job, With Ezra Firestone (Live At Blue Ribbon)

We’ve got a brilliant “NotBusiness” Episode for you today. You’ll hear Ezra Firestone’s opening session at his Blue Ribbon Mastermind for Entrepreneurs (2022). Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, do yourself a huge favor and listen for quick communication tips (that you haven’t heard before) and Ezra’s insight on time management and mental consumption. You […]

Content For The Win (Part 2) The Engage And Filter Method, With Ezra Firestone

What’s the difference between a business and a brand? One of them is a great way to make money, but it’s not built to weather economic storms and recessions. The other is not just a profitable funnel, a great product, or an excellent service. It is a relationship with customers, prospects, and a community. This […]

Employee Compensation: Salary, Benefits & Bonuses Explained

I currently have 130 employees working across my four brands. I hired each one personally, and in my entire 15-year career I’ve only had 10 employees quit or be fired — and as far as I know, no one ever left because the compensation was better somewhere else. So how do I build teams that […]

How To Manage, Scale (And Think About) Your Marketing And Branding

Today’s episode is taken from an all-new Smart Marketer course; Smart Business Systems. You’ll hear Smart Marketer CEO Molly Pittman and CMO John Grimshaw talk about how they operate and scale all things Marketing (by looking at the big picture, acquisitions, and monetization). You will hear how they prioritize what needs to get done and […]

How to Buy Help, Delegate, And Avoid Burnout, with Ezra Firestone

As the CEO or Founder of your company, you need to stay focused on vision, strategy, and direction. But if you don’t have the right team around you, it’s near impossible, and you’re heading toward burnout. In this episode, Ezra Firestone lays down his proven hiring strategy to help you build smart and get out […]

Ezra Firestone’s Playbook For A Happy (And Successful) Team

How do you compensate people? How do you bonus them? How do you keep a team happy over time? If you’re trying to attract (and keep) great employees, you will appreciate Ezra’s clarity and insight on this subject. This clip is taken from his Blue Ribbon Mastermind. You will hear a winning approach to: Pay […]