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Staying Motivated & Intentional in 2023

How are your goals for 2023 panning out so far? As we head into Q2, many of us are probably looking at our New Year’s resolutions and thinking, “Oh I’m crushing that one!” or, “Eh, that one hasn’t materialized quite yet!” And that’s totally okay. The important part is that we’re making progress in the […]

Bonus Episode! Your 2023 Kickstart With Ezra Firestone

Consider this a Pit Stop for your personal alignment! Ezra Firestone (Founder of Boom, Zipify, Smart Marketer, and now the owner of Overtone) shares the exact process he uses to reflect and set goals for each new year. You’ll hear all about Ezra’s recent challenges and how he plans to re-align for 2023 – so […]

This Is The Game (A Flash Back Episode With Ezra Firestone)

Are you tired of trading your time for money? If you’ve recently started listening to the Smart Marketer Podcast, we do NOT want you to miss some of the juicy content we dropped back in the day! Today we have an excerpt from Episode 6. Ezra is one of the pioneers of the E-commerce industry, […]

How to Create Winning Offers: John Grimshaw’s Proven Offer Formula

The ability to create new offers is one of the most important skills a marketer can have, and it’s one we’ve never discussed in-depth on the blog before. Offers are everything in business. They keep the lights on by bringing in new people and turning them into paying customers. That’s why Ezra, Molly and I […]

What To Do (In November) For Record-Breaking Black Friday Success

Q4 Is upon us, and there’s no doubt: As a business owner or marketer, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season is your biggest opportunity in 2022. The good news is you’ve got time to take action and see your best season yet, and we’ll show you how. In this episode, you’ll hear the exact breakdown of […]

What To Do (In October) For Black Friday Success

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday season is your most significant opportunity in 2022 (whether you’re an E-Commerce brand or otherwise). The good news is you’ve got time to take action and see your best season yet; the even better news is that Ezra will show you how. We’ve broken Ezra Firestone’s Black Friday Success plan into […]

Happiness Is An Inside Job, With Ezra Firestone (Live At Blue Ribbon)

We’ve got a brilliant “NotBusiness” Episode for you today. You’ll hear Ezra Firestone’s opening session at his Blue Ribbon Mastermind for Entrepreneurs (2022). Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, do yourself a huge favor and listen for quick communication tips (that you haven’t heard before) and Ezra’s insight on time management and mental consumption. You […]