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What You May Have Missed In 2022 (Our 3 Most Downloaded Episodes)

Molly Pittman (SM CEO) and John Grimshaw (SM CMO) are back and excited to celebrate two years of The Smart Marketer podcast! Listen as they share the three most-listened-to episodes of this year (so far), plus a few things in the pipeline.

You’ll hear content from Episode 98, ‘How To Manage Scale And Think About Your Marketing,’ Episode 92, ‘Three Facebook Campaigns That Are Working Right Now,’ and Episode 94, ‘Google Performance max, A Dream For Digital Marketers?’
You Will Learn:

  • How to end this year well (don’t make this mistake)
  • Tips for getting a qualified lead (what Pep calls a quality Click)
  • How to build a winning offer every time
  • Where to begin with Google’s Performance Max (and where do you go from here?)

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:45 What are we celebrating? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

01:55 “We love the reminder that there are humans on the other side of these microphones digesting this information.” Molly Pittman.

02:56 This has been a tough year.

05:00 The Rubber Band Effect.

05:51 John encourages you to charge the finish line (even if you’re discouraged).

09:00 Excerpt from Episode 92 Begins (Three Campaigns That Are Working Right Now, with Pepijn Hufen)

10:05 Two Steps To Make Sure You’re Getting A Quality Click

13:20 Some products are not an ideal ‘Front End Offer.’

14:59 “Creatives are very important, but I will always stand with the fact that I believe (and our data backs up) that Copy (other than your offer) is the most important aspect of your campaign.” Molly Pittman

17:30 Excerpt from Episode 98 Begins (How To Manage Scale And Think About Your Marketing And Branding)

22:41 “Your job as a marketer is to really sell people on this transformation from an undesirable before state, whatever that is, to a desirable after state – and your product, your offer, is the vehicle that provides that transformation.” Molly Pittman
26:13 “You can serve many different people, but every offer you make should have a specific audience.” John Grimshaw.

27:47 Excerpt from Episode 94 Begins (Google Performance Max, A Dream For Digital Marketers).

28:09 What Performance Max Is (and how You should think about it).

30:55 Step 1, Where to begin?

31:50 “This horrible study from Harvard Business School in the 1970s says it takes seven touches before somebody’s ready to convert, and Google says it takes 500. You want to operate off a 500 touchpoint paradigm.” Kasim Aslam.

33:22 If you get stale, your campaigns will get stale.

36:37 Audience Signals

37:54 More on Google Ads from Smart Marketer Here,

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