Smart Marketer Podcast

What To Expect From Smart Marketer In 2023

by Heather Farrat

Was 2022 A Roller Coaster For You Too? Molly Pittman (SM CEO) and John Grimshaw (SM CMO) reflect on a tough (but successful) year and set the tone for 2023.

Spoiler alert, they’re not worried! Hear why they’re seeing opportunity ahead (and how you can capitalize on it too).

You Will Learn:

  • The Reason For Your 2022 Decline In Revenue?
  • Why there’s opportunity ahead.
  • An easy way to to level-up!

And More…


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Check out Ep. 104, Double Your Email Open Rates (And 4X Your Click-Through Rates) With John Grimshaw and Molly Pittman.


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Time Stamps:

01:49 2022 Asked Us To “Step Up”

03:21 The Highlights of 2022 (For John)

06:03 Why Q1 of 2022 was so hard.

07:03 The reason for your decline in revenue?

08:38 One of the fun parts of 2022 (For Molly)

10:08 “Once you prove to yourself that you can survive through the down moments, I feel like that brings a lot of sanity. It brings a lot of stability. It takes less of your energy and that worry state, and you’re able to put your energy on things that actually matter”. Molly Pittman

11:27 Opportunity In Downturn

15:01 What’s in the pipeline at Smart Marketer for 2023?

17:06 The Difference Between Smart Marketer Blue Prints and Courses.