Smart Marketer Podcast

What To Do (In October) For Black Friday Success

by Ezra Firestone

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday season is your most significant opportunity in 2022 (whether you’re an E-Commerce brand or otherwise). The good news is you’ve got time to take action and see your best season yet; the even better news is that Ezra will show you how. We’ve broken Ezra Firestone’s Black Friday Success plan into two parts, October and November.

Listen to learn Ezra’s must-use strategies and the exact plan he’s rolling out across his companies, including Boom, Zipify, Smart Marketer, and Overtone.

You Will Learn:

  • Three things you can do to make more money in your business.
  • The must-use strategy for October.
  • The exact type of videos you need to use to ‘warm up your prospects.

And More…



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01:05 “It takes intention, but you can do this, and you’ll make a lot more money if you do half of what I’m going to suggest than if you don’t.” Ezra Firestone

01:46 Ezra Firestone’s E-Comm Story

03:20 Let’s Dive In

03:52 Three things you can do to make more money in your business.

04:31 Black Friday Facts and Stats

06:52 The Step by Step plan (that Ezra will break down in this episode and Ep. 117)

07:31 “Right now, ladies and gentlemen, you are still in luck because there’s plenty of time to build up a really great phase, warm up and build excitement about your sales. So this is what we’re doing in all of October. We’re warming up audiences.” Ezra Firestone

08:39 Video views campaign objective.

11:18 “It’s much cheaper to get in front of a prospect with a Video Views campaign than a Conversion campaign because Facebook knows you’re not trying to send them off of Facebook.” Ezra Firestone

12:37 What kind of videos should you run?

13:07 Incentivize your customers to create social proof videos

13:21 Video Formula 1

16:00 Video Formula 2