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How To Stop Over Working (And Why), With Ezra Firestone

by Heather Farrat

Did you ever want a wise guru to just sit down with you and tell you what to do to feel better in your world? To just give it to you straight and break it down for you? Well, this episode is for you, and it’s perfect for Memorial Day weekend when you’re hopefully taking a minute to rest, reflect and connect. You’ll hear Ezra Firestone mentoring his team on how to live a fulfilling and happy life, and more specifically, he hones in on the Holy Grail that is “Work-Life Balance.”

“What even is Work-Life Balance? I believe it’s making the time to have the life that you want to have (in work and outside of work)”. Ezra Firestone.

You Will Learn:

  • Why Ezra only reads emails a couple of times a week(!)
  • Four Things You Actually Need To Feel Good In Your World/li>
  • How to avoid the rabbit hole of self-criticism
  • How to stop habitually over-working

And More…



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Time Stamps:

01:17 Let’s Dive In

02:06 “What does work-life balance even mean? I think it means making the time to have the life that you want to have (in work and outside of work)”. Ezra Firestone

12:05 The First Thing You Need To Be Happy

13:30 Social Connection and Community

14:24 “Loneliness is a prison that is built with bricks of secrecy.” Ezra Firestone

14:47 It Feels Good To Serve

17:21 “Ultimately, work-life balance is about setting boundaries with yourself and adhering to them’. Ezra Firestone.

18:54 Consumption Is A Plague

21:30 The Rabbit Hole of Self-criticism

24:15 You Need To Hear This

26:00 What you put your attention on grows.

27:31 Setting boundaries around non-traditional work hours.

30:14 Simply Stop Overworking.

32:13 “It’s easy to hide in your work and not confront the rest of your life. It’s a way of insulating yourself from the rest of the world, and it takes vulnerability to step out of your work and into some community experience”—Ezra Firestone on Work-Life Balance.