Smart Marketer Podcast

How To Manage And Scale Your Marketing (Smart Business Systems)

by Molly Pittman

Today’s episode is taken directly from our leadership course, Smart Business Systems, which Smart Marketer newly launched in 2022. You’ll hear CEO Molly Pittman and CMO John Grimshaw talk about how they operate and scale all things Marketing (by looking at the big picture, acquisitions, and monetization). You’ll also learn how to prioritize what needs to be done and stay focused on what’s truly important.

Check out, and learn how to manage and scale operations across every department of your business.

You Will Learn:

  • Mistakes Marketers Make
  • What ‘branding’ really is
  • Barriers to marketing success
  • John’s Proven Offer Formula,

And More…

Check out, and learn how to manage and scale operations across every department of your business.


Today’s episode is a recording of our hugely successful Team Traffic program. To find out more, check out


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Time Stamps:

00:00 “For Every brand that has good branding, I can envision a little bobblehead person of who that brand would be if they are a person and what they would say to me. That is what branding is”. Molly Pittman

00:42 An Introduction to the Smart Business Systems courses

01:53 What to expect in this episode

02:39 Let’s Dive In.

05:13 John’s Proven Offer Formula

16:27 Market-Centric Business V. Product-Centric Business

18:23 “So you can create subdivisions, but the more specificity you leverage, the clearer the transformation. The more your particular audience feels spoken to, which is kind of the secret, right?” John Grimshaw

19:53 The Secret To Growing A Business

22:33 Mistakes Marketers Make

24:23 “At the end of the day, somebody should hear your company’s name and immediately picture the desired end state you achieve when interacting with that business.” John Grimshaw

24:40 The Definition of Branding

27:13 Marketers have a tremendous responsibility in the world.

28:42 How to prioritize what truly needs to get done.

31:42 How To Stay Aligned (And Out Of The Weeds)

32:29 Barriers To Marketing Success