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From Complexity To Clarity, Confusion to Confidence: An Episode for Facebook Media Buyers

The Facebook game has changed; have you adapted? Are you struggling to see consistent results, having scaling issues, or seeing costs rise? You may be underestimating what Facebook can do, and your campaigns are probably way more complex than they need to be.

You’re not alone in this! META has had marketers and media buyers on a wild ride. So today, we have two Blue Ribbon members on the show for our Special Summer Speaker Series. Jeremiah Allen and Charley Beckham Tichenor (IV) have helped Ezra Firestone (among others) with their Facebook Ad campaigns in the past. They’re presenting live from Ezra’s Mastermind, discussing how to get the most out of Facebook Advertising. You’ll hear about how to be a good business partner with META and how each of your Ads is like a salesperson working for you. Listen to learn how to structure your account, your campaigns, and your ad sets in a way that will open up a world of success (and efficiency) for you and your brand.

You Will Learn:

  • Why you need to build your Ads around concepts instead of your products.
  • The benefits of building one campaign per business objective.
  • The 3-2-2 Testing Formula to help you make quick, high-confidence decisions.
  • The framework that led to the Michael Jordan of Ads!

And More…



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Time Stamps:

“I’ve built many, many brands to eight, nine figures. This is the architecture for everything, whether it’s e-commerce, Lead Gen, doesn’t matter, your vertical doesn’t matter, your niche doesn’t matter. Facebook works the exact same way, no matter what your business is. Does this work for your business? Yes.” Charley Beckham Tichenor IV.

01:08 Ezra Introduces Jeremiah and Charley

03:16 Jeremiah Allen Tells The Story of His First Sales Job as an 8-year-old Cub Scout

06:02 The Facebook Business Model: Retention Of Attention For Profit

12:06 For every Ad you create (every post ID), Facebook builds its own lookalike audience.

14:07 There’s no positive sentiment in an interest group

16:59 Concepts Versus Interests

19:41 An Ideal Campaign Structure

20:55 “And if every penny you spend to accomplish that business objective is siloed within that one campaign, that means the penny you spend today is going to make that campaign, that business objective smarter six months from now” – Charley Beckham Tichenor IV.

22:09 The Ad Sets Inside Your Campaigns

26:00 Dynamic Creative Ad Sets

31:43 The Ad That Spent Nearly 2 Million

33:13 Does this work for your business? Yes.

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