Smart Marketer Podcast

Ezra’s 6-Pillar System to Thrive as a CEO

by Ezra Firestone

Hey CEOs: Want to be a better leader? In this conversation taken straight from his private Mastermind, Ezra Firestone discusses the roles, responsibilities, and challenges that come with being a CEO. He highlights the 6 pillars you should focus on if you want to become a better leader, including how to handle critical tasks, the key to building a winning culture, and how he gets high-level talent to come work for him.

You’ll Learn:

  • What happens to your brain when you see your logo
  • Why it’s OK to not be as technically sound as before
  • When to make changes to your business strategy
  • What persuaded a potential hire to apply at Smart Marketer

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0:50 What does it mean to be a CEO?

3:51 Ezra’s favorite analogy to describe your role…

5:48 Do your employees have a path to grow in the company?

6:48 Here’s why you should keep strategy and executive leadership intact.

8:08 Who’s handling the critical tasks?

11:11 When you’re doing something right, others will hear about it.

12:50 For Ezra, it’s all about CULTURE.

14:09 Priorities: Here’s what Ezra wants his team to focus on first.

15:46 We can’t stress this enough: Every role is important!

20:41 Thanks for listening!