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Content For The Win (Part 1) Build A Brand That Stands The Test Of Time, With Ezra Firestone

If you want a better understanding of how powerful Content can be, this episode will fill the gaps you didn’t even know you had! Ezra Firestone and Laura Palladino talk about leveraging content marketing, social media, paid amplification, and community engagement to build brands that stand the test of time.

Ezra has been running e-commerce brands since 2007, and this year, these companies will do close to $70 million in revenue. Listen for what it means to be a real brand, how to get a high repeat customer rate, and so much more!

You Will Learn:

  • How to fortify your business for the long haul.
  • The businesses (and brands) that won’t survive (and why).
  • Why your Content is the key to gaining repeat customers.

And More…

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“There is no greater honor than someone can give you than to grace you with their time. And if you demonstrate that you have value to offer them or entertainment, they will spend more time with you. And the more time someone spends with you, the more they tend to like you, and the more they’re willing to take you up on whatever offers you make them”. Ezra Firestone

2:26 Ezra Dives In

“Brands that have a high repeat business rate are more valuable and more stable than brands that don’t. Content is the core way that we achieve that”. Ezra Firestone

04:10 What Constitutes A Real Brand?

07:05 You Don’t Have a Real Brand If You Don’t Have This:

07:37 This Is How Your Fortify Your Business.

08:03 So How Do You A Get High Repeat Business Rate?

09:13 What Happened To JC Penney?

10:27 Marketing Does Not Work Without Engagement.

16:28 Content That’s Tangential To Your Product Or Service.

19:43 So, How Do You Get That Content?

“The faceless e-commerce brand, the faceless brand in general, is dying. The purposeless brand is dying”. Ezra Firestone.

22:54 The Nuts And Bolts: First, Figure Out Your Why.

27:54 What’s Your Tagline?

29:27 You’re Invited.

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