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Learn how to grow, engage & monetize a passionate audience using social media w/ Ezra's complete Brand-Building System.

In this 10-week mentorship, get a step-by-step process for using social to stand out from competitors, attract loyal customers & turn a generic business into an established brand.

Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.


We sold our brand for 8 figures and owe it to Ezra for the frameworks that made it happen.
– Preston Howard

Unlock your brand identity (& consistent, sustainable growth) with social marketing.

What's the difference...

Between a business that struggles to stand out in the marketplace, acquire new customers, or ROI on its marketing… and a profitable business with loyal fans and a flowing customer pipeline?

The first is a business; the second is a brand.

A business is a source of cashflow (but one that could dry up anytime), while a brand is something consistent, sustainable and scalable that can eventually sell for a big payday.

But what makes a "brand"?

It's NOT flashy design or a cool website. No, a true brand comes from clarity of messaging: What do you stand for? Who do you serve (or not serve)? What conversations do you have with your customers?

Brand identity is the foundation of the rest of your marketing. It establishes a strong connection with an audience, and gets them to care about your business beyond just the products you sell.

That's why brand identity is the first thing Ezra establishes in every company he starts or acquires.

Brand identity doesn't come from a tagline or an About Us page

It comes from the daily interactions with its audience through the content it puts out into the world.

Here are brands that do this well, and one that did it not so well.

For digital brands, social media Is the best way to BUILD brand identity

To reach their avatars, engage with them over topics they care about, and convince them to try your products.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (Twitter), TikTok — these platforms are where brand-customer conversations happen that move people along in the customer journey, from prospects, to buyers, to full-on superfans.

And this 10-week course gives you everything you need to dial in your brand messaging so you can effectively reach, engage and monetize an audience.

Social doesn't just build brands - it can also supercharge your ads, emails & marketing!

Social is just as important as advertising and email marketing because it helps power these other channels. Here's how.


Your ads and emails rely on a stream of fresh content that will resonate with your audience, and a good social system produces that for you. 

Not only did BOOM!’s social generate $2.4 million in directly attributable sales, it also provided the content for our most profitable ad and email campaigns – worth another $5 million!


With ad costs up, it can be expensive to buy email addresses, phone numbers, and (most of all) sales.

But you know what’s cheap? Amplifying content.

Social is an inexpensive way to grow your email list, SMS list, retargeting list and social followers.

Then, when you monetize your audience you generate much higher profit because you’re marketing to a larger, warmer audience.

This is exactly what we did in BOOM!'s product launch:

case study

Fueled by social content, BOOM!'s big product launch sells out in just 16 hours

We recently launched a new product called Boomstick Rose Nude that sold out of 13,578 units in just 18 hours.

The best part? By using a social-first strategy, we didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on advertising to do it.

Even though ad costs are sky high and privacy rules are making it difficult to reach people…

With social we can run hugely profitable launches that monetize our audience and inject a ton of revenue into the brand.

During this launch, our social strategy helped us:

Find out exactly what product our customers wanted

Get our audience excited to buy by pre-framing the sale with content

Decrease the cost of leads and sales and increase profitability


How we used social media to generate $7.5 million worth of sales & visibility (in just 12 months).

The ICOSA Framework is a simple, 5-step process you can use to turn your social media into a high-impact content and revenue machine for your brand.

Last year, we used this framework to generate $2.4 million in direct sales from social media, and by leveraging this social content throughout our marketing, we brought in over $7.5 million in total revenue — not bad for a 5-person team!

What makes the framework so powerful? Well, it turns your brand from theory into reality.

With ICOSA you can effectively communicate your brand identity to connect with different avatars and build a loyal audience.

And the value of this framework doesn’t end with audience building — in fact, you can use ICOSA to drive growth in every department of your business.  

 Because not only do social campaigns produce measurable dollars for our brand, they also provide the content we use in all our top-performing ads and emails, as well as on our sales pages and throughout our website.

Now, we want to teach you (or an employee) how to master the ICOSA Framework so you can use brand and audience building to drive growth for your business.

All YOU need to do is commit to learning and implementing the material in Smart Marketer’s newly updated mentorship program!

A 10-week mentorship program that teaches anyone how to run social media marketing at a high level.

TMSMM combines 10 weeks of in-depth strategy sessions and live feedback calls, a resource library of “how-to” worksheets and fill-in-the-blank templates, and a team of expert coaches to give you individual feedback whenever you need it. 

There’s never been a better course to learn the complete skillset of a professional social media manager.

How This Mentorship Will Help You Succeed

Your Mentor

Ezra Firestone has used his expertise in brand-building to grow a total audience of over 5 million people and generate over $200 million in revenue. You're in great hands!


Each week includes in-depth training, hands-on coaching and weekly action items to keep you focused and help you reach your goals.

Expert Coaches

To give you more individual attention and guidance, we added a team of pro social media marketers to answer your questions and give you personal feedback.

How-to Videos

Detailed implementation tutorials to help you create, launch and manage high-performing social media campaigns.

Resource Library

Fill-in-the blank worksheets, templates and calendars to guide you through every module and milestone. These are the same resources Ezra and his team use on a daily basis.


Get support from your peers, and reach out to your TMSMM Coaches anytime you have a question.

Weekly Feedback Calls

Ezra and your Coaches personally review your work (social campaigns, account setup, etc.) and give you advice on optimization.

PLUS Lifetime Membership

As a member of the TMSMM Mentorship, you and your team get lifetime access to recordings of every future semester along with course updates, worksheets & bonus trainings.

Receive a Professional Certification in Brand & Audience Building

Prove your value to current or potential employers:

Verify your skills as a Social Media Manager with this badge from the world’s largest digital credential network.*

*After completing our post-course exam with a passing grade

Course Curriculum

Over 10 weeks you will learn how to implement my 5-step I.C.O.S.A. Social Framework for growing any brand with social media — whether you’re an 8-figure brand or building a team from scratch.

Each session mixes strategy, implementation and feedback to give you a clear path to success on your social media journey.


How To Think Like A Social Media Manager

Crafting Your Brand & Customer Connection

Strategizing Social Goals with ICOSA Content Framework

Content Ideation & Creation

Content Optimization

Content Syndication

Content Amplification

Analysis & Re-ICOSA

Conversations & Contests: Interactive Social Strategies

Monetizing Your Audience with Product Launches

Meet Your Mentor

Hey, I'm Ezra!

Over the past 15 years I’ve built 12 profitable brands and generated over $200 million, and I can trace all this success back to something I learned from selling my first company.

It was a dropship wig business, and even though it did a ton of sales, when I sold it I only made low 6 figures

Why? Well, when I was shopping it around, buyers all told me the same thing: “You have a great business, but it’s not a brand.”

What did they mean, brand — I was the #1 seller of Elvis wigs in the country!

But they knew that without a brand identity that resonated with an audience, my wig business could disappear overnight. (Just ask all the SEO businesses that went belly up thanks to Google Panda.)

I learned that if you want longevity and predictable growth, then you can’t just focus on selling products; you need to focus on building a brand.

So when I launched my next businesses, I focused on brand building and audience growth. The result?

Smart Marketer, Zipify, and many other side projects all grew to 7 figures. That’s because they all had a system for attracting new prospects, converting them into customers and turning them into passionate fans.

Then there’s BOOM!, my makeup and skincare brand, which is my biggest win to date: it grew all the way to 9 figures, and when it sold I got 200x the payout compared to the wig business!

Now, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in the last 15 years about building a brand and growing an audience, and I’ve turned it into an updated version of our popular 10-week mentorship — which I’ll be teaching for the very first time!

That means I’ll be by your side every week (along with our team of expert Coaches) to give you personal feedback and answer your questions.

So whether you’re a business owner or a social media professional, this course is the most comprehensive training you’ll find on growing digital brands with a value-first approach.

I hope to see you in class!


[Before TMSMM] there wasn't really a strategy behind what I was doing, and as a result I was probably putting much more time on the things that really didn't matter or didn't move the needle. Whereas now, I know I've got a plan of attack... I actually have a social media plan that is for fulfilling business goals, which is huge... I'm now spending time doing what i know is making a difference to our business.

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1 Extra Mentorship Seat
$2,997 VALUE
To make sure you're able to implement the ICOSA Framework in your business, we're giving you 2 seats in mentorship for the price of one.

That way, a member of your team can also attend the training sessions and feedback calls. They can also interact with Laura, the coaches, and your fellow students in the Facebook group.

✔ 2 Mentorship Seats for the Price of One

✔ Full Access to Trainings Sessions and Q&A Feedback Calls

✔ Access to Laura, Coaches and Fellow Students in Private Facebook Group


TMSMM Alumni Edition
$2,997 VALUE
Social media strategies are ever evolving, even if the fundamentals of using social media for growth don’t. That’s why we created TMSMM Alumni Edition, a supplemental course updated each time we run a new cohort of TMSMM with the latest tactics and strategies to keep you sharp.


Ambassador Blueprint
$397 VALUE
Copy our most successful social campaign ever.

BOOM!'s Ambassador Program has been the driving force of our content marketing strategy as we've scaled. It now generates over 80% of our new customers, more than $10 million in revenue in 2020.

✔ Give ambassadors creative guidelines to help them produce the best images & videos

✔ Leverage their content organically (via blog posts, emails & social)

Bonus Templates & Resources: Our Best Ad Copy Templates; Legal Contracts; Pitch Deck for New Prospects, Brand Ambassador Application Form; Swag Box Contents & Design; And More!


Zipify Pages: 3-month Membership
$291 VALUE
Get Ezra Firestone’s amazing Shopify landing page and sales funnel builder!

To help you launch social campaigns quickly and easily, we're giving you a page builder loaded with all of the templates you'll need to host a variety of different content types.

✔ Get all of our best social templates, including pages for blog posts, long-form articles, social giveaway contests, product launches & more.

✔ Easily build pages from scratch with our drag-and-drop builder.

✔ Enjoy all of Zipify Pages’ premium features like split testing, Shopify blog integration & a full data dashboard.

(Already a Zipify Pages member? We’ll add 3 months to your membership!)


Build & Launch a Podcast Blueprint
$197 VALUE
Turn podcasts into a content and sales engine for your brand in just 2 months using the proven process behind 20 million+ podcast downloads.

✔ Get a–z instructions on how to plan, launch and grow your podcast

✔ Use audio storytelling to build brand authority & grow your audience

✔ Monetize your pod using the principles you learn in TMSMM!

Who Should Join This Mentorship?

Business Owners

By turning a generic business into an established brand, you become less vulnerable to changes in the marketplace, advertising platforms, and competitors. You’ll always have an engaged audience ready to buy, no matter what.

All Business Types

This Brand-building System is proven to work for all kinds of businesses — ecommerce, info products, agencies, you name it.

All Team Sizes

Whether you're a solopreneur or you have an entire social team, this is the most efficient system for leveraging content to drive growth.

All Budgets

I've used this system to run campaigns at all levels of production value — from iPhone videos to $100,000 photoshoots.

Social Media Professionals

Skyrocket the value you provide to your employer by learning how to turn social media into sustainable growth. (And just wait until they see the positive effect of your campaigns on ad and email results!)

Drive Real Growth

You won't just learn how to produce content and get engagement; you'll learn how social fits into a brand's larger marketing strategy, so you have a direct (and significant) impact on revenue.


Struggling to convince leadership to invest in social? When you show them how it impacts growth, you can get the green light to turn social into the high-impact machine it can be.

Earn a Seat At The Table

Gone are the days of the social department playing second fiddle to ads and email. Once you're equipped with this Brand-building System, you can earn a seat at the table of marketing leaders.


The TMSMM course has really helped me clarify my social media strategy. It's allowed me to get focused, and be able to distill what've learned into an actionable strategy... It's saved me loads of time... I'm getting much more visibility for my business. I'm seeing increased traffic and increased engagement, which ultimately means more sales.

Join The Waitlist

Join The Waitlist

Hands-on mentorship program with Ezra Firestone (his first time as a Mentor!)

10 weeks of in-depth training sessions on how to dial in your branding, find your audience & monetize their attention

10+ live feedback sessions with Ezra to accelerate your progress

30+ "how-to" implementation tutorials

Expert Coaches to answer your questions and help you work through any blocks

ICOSA Framework for planning & launching effective social media campaigns

Resource Library of step-by-step worksheets and fill-in-the-blank templates to guide you through every module

Private Slack channel for receiving support from your Coaches and fellow students

1 extra seat in Train My Social Media Manager ($2,997 value)
Access to TMSMM Alumni Edition ($2,997 value)
Access to Ambassador Blueprint ($397 value)
3-month membership to Zipify Pages ($291 value)
Build & Launch a Podcast Blueprint ($197 value)

Join The Waitlist

Class size is limited to ensure all my students get the personal attention they need to succeed, so if you want to join the mentorship, join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens.

1 Payment of $1,997
3 Payments of $747

Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.

Our risk-free guarantee

At Smart Marketer, we stand by our products and our customers. That’s why Train My Social Media Manager is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the training in any way in the first 30 days, we’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase. It’s as easy as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ezra Firestone isn’t just the founder of Smart Marketer; he’s a powerhouse in the world of ecommerce and digital marketing. His journey began on a hippie commune and included a period as a professional poker player in New York City, making his path to success anything but ordinary. After mastering online marketing, he used his skills to build multiple successful ecommerce brands, like the renowned BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. He is celebrated for his holistic approach to business—prioritizing fun, product quality, and profitability, all while strongly focusing on brand identity and audience engagement.

Absolutely. We stand by the quality of our training with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we’ll offer a 100% refund on your purchase, no questions asked. We’re confident that our mentorship will provide the insights and tools you need to transform your approach to branding and audience growth.

Yes, the course includes a blend of live and pre-recorded content. You’ll engage directly with Ezra and our team during ten weekly Q&A calls, which complement our strategy trainings and how-to videos. Our private Slack community further supports your learning, allowing for real-time feedback from coaches and peers.

While specific outcomes can vary, Ezra’s strategies have fueled significant growth across diverse brands and industries. This course is designed to help you break through growth plateaus by using social media as a driver for broader channel growth. You’ll learn actionable strategies to engage your audience and convert fans into loyal customers.

This comprehensive mentorship is designed for individuals eager to elevate their marketing skills and drive significant business growth. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, you’ll find immense value in Ezra’s teachings, provided you’re ready to apply these strategies diligently.

Expect to commit approximately six hours each week over the 10-week course duration. This balanced schedule allows you to absorb and apply new learnings effectively without overwhelming your daily responsibilities.

You’ll receive access to the course materials and updates for at least two full years after completion. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the TMSMM Alumni Edition, which includes yearly updates and ongoing access to all future cohort Q&As, ensuring you stay at the cutting edge of social media marketing.

Absolutely. All live classes are recorded, allowing you to catch up at your convenience. Our Slack Community provides continuous support and feedback, ensuring you remain connected and engaged, regardless of your schedule.

Our mentorship program is profoundly interactive, built on live feedback calls and a supportive Slack Community, where you gain direct access to Ezra’s expertise during Q&A sessions. This hands-on approach ensures unmatched guidance and support as you implement what you learn.

While the video content alone offers great insights, the full value of this mentorship lies in the live interactions, direct feedback, and community support. For those seeking only the video content, our Smart Social program might be a better fit, though it lacks the interactive components of this comprehensive mentorship.

Currently, we do not offer scholarships. However, non-profits interested in the course should contact our support team for potential assistance.

Yes, past purchasers of Smart Social or Train My Social Media Manager qualify for a special discount. Please contact our support team for details and to claim your discount.

Ezra brings not only his extensive expertise in Ecommerce and digital marketing but also a personal approach that has shaped multiple successful brands. This mentorship is your chance to learn directly from a seasoned entrepreneur who values brand identity and audience engagement as core pillars of business success.

By focusing on Ezra’s proven strategies for brand building and audience growth, this course equips you with the tools to significantly enhance your brand’s presence on social media. You’ll learn to authentically engage with your audience, transforming them into loyal fans and customers, which drives both immediate revenue and sustainable long-term growth.