Smart Marketer Podcast

3 Steps to Landing a Remote Job

by Ezra Firestone

Want to work from home? Here’s how… To help you secure that coveted position, Molly and John give you 3 steps to follow to increase your chances of getting hired. They discuss rebuilding your resume and reflecting on positive outcomes, as well as the vast opportunities available in the digital marketing world. (Are you in a leadership role? To learn how to hire new employees and build a team, listen to Episode 21.)

You’ll Learn:

  • How to determine which job is best for you
  • How to build a resume that stands out
  • Ways to prepare for interview success
  • Important qualities to demonstrate during your interview

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1:08 What type of job will make YOU happy?

3:05 How to take your “perfectly standard” resume to the next level.

5:21 Start a list based on positive outcomes, and then…

5:56 Why John printed and handed out memos.

9:05 The value of work experience (and what to do when you have very little if it).

10:31 There are A LOT of opportunities in digital.

11:55 How do you display your willingness to grow?

12:39 Thanks for listening!