Smart Marketer Podcast

How to Hire, Manage & Inspire a Team

by Ezra Firestone

How do you know who to hire, and when? Ezra Firestone joins the podcast to share how he went from “solo-preneur” to running a team of over 100 people. He explains the differences between insourcing and outsourcing, and reveals the two positions you should fill first when hiring. Tune in to learn how to delegate, invest in new hires and inspire your team!

You’ll Learn:

  • Ezra’s strategy for hiring new employees
  • 2 tasks you should immediately designate to new hires
  • Why hiring is more than a checklist — it’s a bond
  • How to learn more project management strategies from the Smart Marketer leadership team

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1:36 Ezra reflects on his time as a “solo-preneur” and what he used to think about running a team.

3:27 Fulfilling & Rewarding — As you grow your business, the employees at your business are growing too (and it’s a beautiful thing).

4:14 How to bring on new hires, and who to hire first.

7:06 Insourcing vs. Outsourcing — Ezra explains the differences and how it applies to his hiring process.

8:12 The second position any growing company should fill.

10:21 Learn more about the free Smart Project Management mini-series!

10:33 Where can you find the best employees? Try your next family reunion. =)

14:11 2 tasks you should immediately designate to new hires to alleviate your workload.

18:22 Find out which book John read that influenced his hiring process and managerial skills.

22:59 Ezra’s closing thoughts on hiring, managing, and inspiring a team.

23:59 Thanks for listening!