Interview: Russ Izzo’s Journey from Down-and-Out to a $3 Million Day

by Ezra Firestone

I’ve met a lot of business owners (including myself, occasionally) who wrap up their personal identities in their work.

When business is doing going well, they’re doing well…

But what happens when everything falls out from under you?

That’s what happened to Russ Izzo, a member of my Blue Ribbon Mastermind who’s also one of the nicest guys in the marketing industry and possibly the entire world.

In this interview, Russ and I talk about what it was like — after 2 decades in tech and commerce — for him to lose everything…

And how, in 2012, he used Amazon to turn things around.

Fast forward to 7 years later: Russ’s new brand has the attention of international buyers and major chain stores, his products are on Oprah’s TV show, Good Morning America, and other national news media…

And he manages, in a single day, to generate $3 million in revenue.

Watch the video to hear Russ’s incredible journey.