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3 Gems from Ezra’s Private Mastermind Event (ft. Kurt Elster, Natasha Takahashi & Jason Portnoy)

by Ezra Firestone

Blue Ribbon is my elite mastermind for 7-, 8- and 9-figure ecommerce merchants.

Every week, I help 100+ brand owners scale to new heights by sharing what’s working in my businesses (and through other perks like an exclusive Facebook group and access to the complete Smart Marketer course catalog).

Twice a year, we also gather for a private event called Blue Ribbon Live.

Here we strengthen our relationships, party our butts off, and watch presentations from members and guest speakers.

Catch a peek behind the scenes at our last event in Miami Beach (2022):

Because these events are private, speaker sessions are usually available to mastermind members only.

But in this post, I’m opening the vault to share 3 high-level tips from our latest get together, including:

  • How to increase your repeat customer rate (Jason Portnoy)
  • How to get more leads on Instagram (Natasha Takahashi)
  • How to boost conversions on your category pages (Kurt Elster)

1) Use Ringless Voicemails to Increase Repeat Customer Rate, ft. Jason Portnoy

As the adage goes: the person who can spend the most to acquire a customer will win…

And this is especially true now.

iOS updates, tracking issues and increased ad costs are all making it harder to acquire customers at a profit, so it’s essential that you recoup these costs on the backend.

That’s why one of the most important metrics in business is your Repeat Customer Rate.

Want a simple way to get people to fall in love with your brand so they buy from you again and again?

According to Jason, “One of the coolest things we’ve done for our clients is told them to do ringless voicemails.

He breaks down his strategy here:

About Jason

Jason Portnoy is an entrepreneur, business growth consultant, speaker, and host of the Perfectly Mentored podcast.

He is the founder of JPORT Media, a leading marketing and advertising firm based in Montreal, and the host of the Perfectly Mentored podcast.

2) How to Get More Leads Using Instagram Stories (From a $30 Million IG Funnel), ft. Natasha Takahashi

In Natasha’s session, she broke down the 6-step Instagram funnel she used to generated $30 million in revenue.

While I can’t show you the whole funnel (since this content is supposed to be for Blue Ribbon members only), I can show you one strategy Natasha is using to get more leads.

When using Instagram to drive traffic to your offers, try leveraging Stories.

Stories are primed to get people to reply to you… There’s literally a send message box on there, and brands just don’t use this enough.”

IG reported that 50% of conversations on the platform start from a Story, and according to them, sequences with 3+ stories drive the most engagement.

Natasha walks you through one of these sequences here:

About Natasha

Natasha Takahashi is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of School of Bots, one of the leading chatbot education brands in the world for marketers, agencies, and teams.

Everything they teach comes from real experience serving 100+ clients in over 30 niches with chatbot services, and they aim to help businesses generate real, repeatable, and predictable results with chat marketing.

3) 23% Revenue Increase from a Category Page Split Test, ft. Kurt Elster

“Should price appear on collection pages?

That’s the question Kurt wanted to answer in his split test.

And Kurt says that if you test just one thing on your store — though he hopes you’re testing more than that — start with this.

“The first time I ran this test in a store […] it increased revenue by 23.6% with 97% confidence.

Kurt explains more about his results, and the psychology behind why he thinks including or excluding price on a collection page matters:

About Kurt

One of the most highly regarded independent consultants in his industry, Kurt Elster is a Senior Ecommerce Consultant who helps Shopify merchants like Jay Leno’s Garage uncover hidden profits in their websites through his ecommerce agency Ethercycle.

With one million downloads, Kurt is best known for hosting The Unofficial Shopify Podcast.

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