Hey! I sat down with YouTube expert Tom Breeze and he had some great advice for how ecommerce business owners can get started with YouTube ads.

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Ecommerce is finally getting popular on YouTube.

Business owners are starting to realize that people don’t just go on YouTube to watch stuff; they go because they want to know something, or do something, or — most importantly — buy something.

Consumers are turning to YouTube to search for product reviews or comparisons to help them with a purchasing decision…

And for ecommerce stores, that’s the perfect time to get in front of people: when they’re looking at your competitors. That’s the time to throw your hat in the ring and say, “Hey look, you may not know about our product just yet, but we’re here and this is what we have to offer.”

Yet right now, if I go on YouTube and search for a product, I’m not targeted with any relevant ads in response to my behavior.

I think because a lot of businesses are comfortable advertising on Facebook, but wouldn’t even consider using a platform where people watch funny cat videos.

So if you’re an ecommerce marketer looking for how to get started with YouTube, here’s where to start.

1. Create a video demonstrating the value of your product.

Give a demonstration of what it does and the mechanization of how it works, and position it so that people know why they would want to buy it.

2. You don’t have to act like a sales expert.

When you create your ad, you don’t have to be persuasive — just try to provide relevant, useful content.

That’s the best way to create ads that will resonate with your audience.

3. Target people based on a moment in time.

If you know that your prospect is looking for products, or reviews, or comparisons, then you know exactly where they are in the customer journey and how to best assist them.

Because if you get in front of people at the right time, with the right product, and a really helpful ad…

You will dramatically improve conversions.

0:02 Ecommerce is starting to get really popular on YouTube
0:20 A lot of Ecommerce brands don’t consider advertising on YouTube
0:58 Start by creating a video that demonstrates the value of your product
1:24 Try to provide relevant, useful content

Tom Breeze is an expert on Google and YouTube (with a focus on video advertising). Tom helps ecommerce business owners diversify their traffic sources by branching out to these extremely profitable yet underutilized platforms. He’s the CEO of Viewability and a Director with Video Results Ltd.

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