Smart Marketer Podcast

Your Google Performance Max Update (For 2023) With Brett Curry and Molly Pittman

by Molly Pittman

In this power-packed episode, Brett Curry shares the “Quick Hit Tips” you’ll need under your belt if you want to win with Performance Max in 2023. But there’s so much more in his conversation with Molly Pittman. You’ll hear how your job as a Marketer is shifting and why that’s Okay, and you’ll hear about the mindset you need to find opportunities and thrive.

  • Why it’s good to be a Digital Marketer in times of recession
  • What you need to know about Google’s Performance Max (and what you need to do)
  • Brett’s predictions when it comes to YouTube

And More…



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Time Stamps:

04:03 What does Brett think About What’s Ahead in 2023?

11:50 Molly’s Realization About Positive Mind Set

12:39 Your Emotions Are Data

14:08 Amazon: Love or hate it, but you can’t ignore it.

15:03 Google Performance Max (“P Max”)

16:10 If You’re New To P Max

17:06 What Happened To Smart Shopping?

18:11 Brett Curry Has Changed His Mind

20:35 Why Did Google create P Max?

22:52 Facebook’s Advantage Plus

23:20 “You better believe that both of these platforms are using the enormous amounts of data they have on all of us to show us the right ads. There are just so many ads that I see that there’s no way that someone would be targeting me with that through something like Interest Targeting.” Molly Pittman.

24:50 Some Quick Hit Tips For P Max (that will make a difference)

27:05 Think carefully about how you’re Segmenting

28:45 Should You Segment By Avatar?

31:27 The way you bid does matter.

33:46 A Break Out Year For YouTube

40:51 What is Brett Most Excited About For The Year Ahead