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Working With Your Brain (Not Against It) To Feel Better: The Neuroscience Of Marketing

by Heather Farrat

Do you feel good? Are you energetic? Are you sleeping well? These are all obvious clues to whether the marketing, hustling, and entrepreneurial lifestyle (and habits) are taking a toll on your brain. In this episode, we’re not trying to get you on a diet or get you to achieve more or perform better. Instead, you’ll learn how the brain works and what you can do as a marketer to feel better. Molly Pittman talks with Lauren Alexander, the VP of Marketing at, who also shares some insights that will make you a better marketer.

“If you can really dial in and optimize your brain activity, you’ll have a cascade of benefits throughout the body.” Lauren Alexander

You Will Learn:

  • Five Things You Have To Know About The Brain (To Feel Better)
  • One of the easiest (and free) neuro hacks to change your life
  • Symptoms You Might Not Recognize Are Connected to ‘Mental Drain’.

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:00 “Now, with the tools that are making our ability to execute ideas so much faster, we’re also working even more, and so I think it’s time for all of us to take a moment and ask, what’s my strategy for dealing with all of this? – Because it’s insane,” Lauren Alexander

01:44 What is Neurohacking?

04:06 The Expanding Scope Of A Marketer’s Work

10:44 Five Things You Need To Know About Your Brain

12:30 Think of Mental Energy As Currency

14:02 Three Ways the Body is conserving mental energy

15:50 Consider The ‘Escalation Of Commitment’ Heuristic

19:06 “The brain filters out unnecessary information so that important stuff gets through. But the problem is it doesn’t always filter what the correct important stuff is.” Lauren Alexander

20:29 A Gratitude Practice

21:32 Symptoms You Might Not Recognize Are Connected to ‘Mental Drain’

25:24 How Process Can Help Your Systems and Team Focus

31:17 Cost-free ways to build your mental energy’ bank account.’

33:39 Ways you can stimulate Neuroplasticity (critical to building your mental energy).

35:23 “The more neuroplastic you are, the more resilient you are and the more adaptable you are.” Lauren Alexander

38:43 Be Kind To Yourself, “It’s Bigger Than Grit.”