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Why Is Digital Marketing So **** Hard (Part 2)

So you want to get out of Digital Marketing? Are you over it? Conflicted?
As you heard in Episode 59 (check that out first if you haven’t yet), our host Molly also felt this way, and John can also relate. But Don’t make any sudden moves UNTIL you’ve listened to both parts of this conversation. In this #NotBusiness episode, you will hear about the flip side, the good stuff, and why Molly and John ultimately stay in the game:

What makes Digital Marketing so **** Awesome!

You will learn:

  • That you CAN find fulfillment in Digital Marketing (when you know where to look for it)!
  • What keeps Molly and John motivated.
  • The inspiring perspective that will combat burnout and ease discouragement.



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0:00 “All you really need is some time to learn a good idea, a good work ethic, and you could be a millionaire in a few years.” Molly Pittman.

01:06 Molly explains why selling an Info-Product is genuinely more complex than a physical product (and the lack of a
sense of satisfaction that follows).

3:37 “But then of course, on the positive side, there ARE students that have success, and they have huge wins, students that have all of the right variables in place at the right time. And that’s what keeps us going.” Molly Pittman

5:28 Negative feedback is more ‘sticky’ than Positive feedback (even with a 1% refund rate)!

6.37 The difficulty with assigning value to Information.

8:41 John transitions into talking about the reasons they *love* being in Digital Marketing, with fulfillment being found in the People, not the numbers.

9:32 “We get to see people who say, wow, I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, and this helped me come up with something else I could do to make money… Or I had this passion, this idea of this problem that I knew how to solve, and I could create the product – but without your help, I couldn’t have marketed it and gotten it to grow like it did. And it is the absolute best part of this thing.” John Grimshaw

10:07 John celebrates the Tangibles.

10:48 Why Molly is so grateful for Digital Marketing.

12:17 A Vehicle for Happiness and Fulfillment.

12:32 “It can be a completely life-changing experience. And that is why it’s hard, that is why it’s so complex because it is so valuable”. Molly Pittman.

14:39 John encourages you to stay anchored.

15:13 “Hopefully, this helps you feel less alone, more inspired and excited about what we’re doing in this awesome industry.” Molly Pittman.

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