Smart Marketer Podcast

Why Is Digital Marketing So **** Hard? (Part 1)

by Ezra Firestone

So you want to get out of Digital Marketing? You’re over it? You’re conflicted.

Let’s talk about this.

Surprisingly, Molly also felt this way, and John can relate too. Even when you’re hugely successful, the struggle is real. In this #NotBusiness episode (and in Episode 61, too), you will hear about the challenges, the remedies, and why Molly and John ultimately stay in the game.

Listen for:

  • The unique conditions that make Digital Marketing so hard.
  • The lack of boundary between business and personal.
  • How Molly and John tackle and reconcile this.
  • A counter-action that will increase your sense of fulfillment.



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0:00 “I think we are actually out of touch with how difficult it can be, and it doesn’t matter if you’re working for someone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer. We’re talking about anybody that is in this digital marketing space. Should understand that what we are doing is difficult.” Molly Pittman.

3:35 The (valid) reasons you might consider leaving Digital Marketing. 5:15 Constant change and massive shifts in the landscape.

4:20 The study that claims that Digital Marketing is the most stressful career path in the world today.

6:33 “When you do this, you’re always on, you’re always thinking about how stuff you see in the outside world is marketing. And is it effective? Is it going to work? It’s a way of life”. John Grimshaw.

7:45 Molly touches on the complexity of the tools and best practices that Digital Marketers need to manage.

8:49 As a Digital Marketer, the moment you step online, there’s no line between business and personal.

9:32 Burnout.

10:10 The legitimate need to physically interact and use your hands.

13:25 A driving factor behind bragging and status symbols: “I spent eight hours clicking buttons, and I don’t have anything I can point to and show my friends and family, of how hard I worked.” John Grimshaw.

15:01 Molly shares how her values have matured and don’t necessarily align with those of other people in this industry.

18:26 “It’s more sustainable for the individual, for the company and the consumers if you think about how you can make it a cycle of giving back and make it more of a communal relationship instead of extracting all the value you can and then ditch it (mentality).” John Grimshaw.

19:03 Molly talks about the responsibility and moral impact that Digital Marketers have.

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