WHAT’S WORKING NOW: “Love-Demo-Love” Video Ad Formula

by John Grimshaw

By Ezra Firestone | August 21, 2020

Welcome to a new episode of What’s Working Now?.

In this segment from Live From The Internet, I choose a rock-solid marketing strategy from one of my brands — my ecommerce business, my information business, or my app development company — and show you how to use it in your brand.

Today’s strategy comes from my ecommerce business, and it’s called the “Love-Demo-Love” Video Ad Formula (a.k.a., The Testimonial Sandwich).

One of the most important parts of marketing is how you get people’s attention: the videos and images you put in front of them to get them to know about you.

Video ads are the perfect piece of top-of-funnel content, and “Love-Demo-Love” is probably the most effective template we’ve ever discovered. (It generated over $1.5 million for this brand in the last month and a half, with some of the lowest acquisition costs we’ve seen in years).

In this episode, I show you:

  • Why the “Love-Demo-Love” ad template is perfect for video ads
  • The specific Facebook ads that are working for us in 2020
  • How to use this ad formula in your brand

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