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What’s Changing In 2024? Four Tips You Need To Hear

As a digital Marketer, you’ve likely become accustomed to change, and hopefully, you’ve developed the flexibility to last in this industry for the long haul. So this episode won’t come as a surprise; in fact, you’ll probably be relieved to have the experts drop these four insights into the year ahead so you can do what you’ve got to do and not feel blind-sided or stressed.

Listen for tactical tips on Prescriptive Marketing, AI in Creative Work, and what’s coming for email marketing and attribution.

You Will Learn:

  • How to approach the growing role of AI in Creative work
  • What you need to do now to prepare your Email Marketing for upcoming changes
  • Why Attribution is going to get even more difficult in 2024 (and what to do)


And More…

“You need to hold this idea that spam filters are our friend, right? Spam filters allow people to trust their email inbox enough to buy stuff from us. So we like better spam protection. We need to differentiate by having better content.” John Grimshaw




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Time Stamps:

02:14 Heads Up! More Changes Coming In 2024 (That Will Affect Email Marketing)

03:15 Three Things You Can Do To Differentiate Your Emails From Spam

04:18 Molly’s First Prediction for 2024: Prescriptive Marketing Will Evolve

08:26 John’s Second Tip: The Role of AI in Creative Work

11:03 “Marketing is about empathy. Without empathy, how do you connect to people that you’re trying to sell products to? Humans have empathy. AI does not. AI will never replace humans in terms of that actual creative element that goes into our marketing campaigns. So, use it as a tool. Use it as a way to save time, but do not use it as a way to replace your team”. Molly Pittman.

11:30 Attribution Is Going To Become Even More Difficult in 2024

15:11 “Customer acquisition is expensive, and it’s not something where we should expect a lot of profitability. And when we attempt to make a lot of money on the first sale, we’re actually limiting the scale of the business. We’re limiting the number of customers we can acquire”. Molly Pittman

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