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What To Do If You Missed The Amazon Gold Rush (An Excerpt From Smart Amazon E-Commerce)

by Ezra Firestone

Is it too late to make money on Amazon? Good question. The opportunity is different, but some would argue it’s better! If you feel you missed the Amazon Gold rush, this episode is for you because Amazon is still 38 to 50% of all e-commerce. Brett Curry, Amber Norell (Director of Amazon, OMG Commerce), and Trenton Bodenbach (Amazon Advertising lead, OMG Commerce) discuss the two paths you can take on this mega platform (and what your focus should ultimately be).

“Brett Curry and OMG Commerce are hands down the best in the business when it comes to Amazon ads and channel management. They’ve helped us grow our Amazon business to over 15% of our total yearly revenue (from $0 to $6 million)” Ezra Firestone.

This episode is an excerpt from Smart Marketer’s course, Smart Amazon ECommerce. You can check that out here,

You Will Learn:

  • Amazon opportunities that weren’t there three years ago
  • Misconceptions, rumors, and lies about selling on Amazon
  • What do the best sellers on Amazon do that the rest don’t?

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Time Stamps:

01:28 ”I think there’s still a lot of great brands out there that could be selling on Amazon and they’re not, or they’re on Amazon, but they’re not doing as much as they could be doing.” Brett Curry.

2:00 Why it’s not too late.

3:36 “When you get people who are solving problems, who are creative, then like that’s where passion happens, and that’s where great brands begin to build.” Trenton Bodenbach

04:24 Two Paths On Amazon

05:01 Make a sale – or build a brand?

05:30 What’s A Buy Box?

06:09 There Are Only Three Ways To Grow A Business

08:31 Amazon Selling Misconceptions

09:59 Amazon Wants Third-Party Sellers

11:16 Can I Be Profitable on Amazon?

13:42 Success Stories

17:54 What do the best sellers on Amazon do that the rest don’t?

18:40 High-Quality Creative Conveys A High-Quality Product

20:12 Success On Amazon Starts With Conversion Rate

20:57 Why your Amazon Account Health Matters

22:17 Running Out Of Inventory On Amazon Is No Joke.

If you want to go deeper and learn more about building a brand on Amazon, check out and look for the Smart Amazon E-Commerce course Brett Curry teaches!