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How To Use Clicktale To Optimize Your Site

Video Highlights
0:45 Aidan is a genius internet marketer and you can check him out
1:06 Aidan is going to dive deep into optimizing your current traffic
2:05 This is about getting the most out of every visitor you have to your website
2:28 You can use to identify the page or pages on your site that are getting the most traffic
3:17 Once high traffic pages are identified you can use Clicktale to see what visitors are doing
3:58 Clicktake records exactly what every single visitor does on your website
4:40 Clicktale can show you what percentage of people scrolled to any point on your webpage!
5:24 If you want a link to be clicked on more often you can move it up to a point where more visitors see it
6:05 You can also get a heat map of where each visitors mouse was clicked
6:49 One of Aidan’s favorites is that Clicktale has a heat map of where and how long visitors had their mouse
8:27 You can actually watch recorded videos of what a visitor did on your site!
9:30 Its not all about generating new traffic, its also about optimizing what you already have

Click Here For Video Transcript

Ezra: Hey, Ezra Firestone here with my buddy Aidan Booth.

Aidan: Great to be here, Ezra.

Ezra: Good to have you.

Ezra: I did. That’s my wife. She’s filming in the background. She just
wanted to make sure that I turned on the microphone, because
oftentimes we’ll be halfway through a video and we’ll have
realized that the microphone’s not on. So, thank you for
checking on that. Aidan, you live in Argentina?

Aidan: I live in Argentina.

Ezra: Buenos Aires.

Aidan: Buenos Aires, that’s right.

Ezra: Man, how did you end up down there?

Aidan: Well, it’s a long story, but love took me there. My wife is
from Argentina.

Ezra: Oh, hey that is a good answer. Love took me there.

Aidan: Romantic, right?

Ezra: Yeah, that’s good. Love took me to Brooklyn, so I understand. Some of
you know Aidan because he came in and did a training in the
members area of my course Brown Box Formula. He’s a genius
Internet marketer over at You can follow. He
teaches traffic. He teaches mindset. He teaches business
systems. What Aidan’s going to do for us today is share a five
to ten minute traffic strategy. We’re actually going to have to
go over to the computer, and Aidan’s going to share a traffic
strategy with us.

Aidan: Fantastic, let’s dive into it. What I want to share with you
today is not so much a traffic strategy as such with regards to
getting new visitors to your website. It’s more about optimizing
your website for the visitors that you already have. The reason
that I wanted to dive deeper into the optimization side of
things as opposed to generating new traffic is quite often it’s
much easier to optimize what you’ve already got than it is to
actually generate a whole new stream of traffic to your website.
If you don’t optimize what you’re doing then you’re just leaving
money on the table essentially. Because there are a lot of
people that would take action and buy something on your website
if only your website was optimized a little bit more.

Ezra is a real genius at this with ecommerce websites. But, it’s
something you can apply to pretty much any kind of website at
all. I’m going to give you an example of this website here we’re
[Inaudible 0:02:02] tips online which is a demonstration website
that I set up some time ago. Though this is not really a traffic
strategy as such it’s still about getting the most out of every
visitor that comes to your website. It’s really a three step
process. The first thing you want to do is, obviously, have your
website up and running and start getting a few visitors at least
per day to your website. The next thing you want to do is
identify the page on your website that’s getting the most
visitors. Or, you could identify a couple of pages that are
getting the most visitors. In this case we can do that using
things such as What Clicky is, is a stats program
that will record all the visitors that come to your site, where
they come from, and so on. Okay. The other thing that it lets
you do is it lets you see which pages on your website are
getting the most visitors.

On this particular website here I can see that Adirondack chair
plans and bunk bed plans are the two pages that are getting the
vast majority of the traffic. So, if I want to improve my
website’s results I should focus on those pages first. What you
want to really do now is start split testing, essentially. Or,
first of all, get an idea about what visitors are doing when
they come to your website. There are a couple of different ways
you can do this. One really, really cool tool which you can
start using for free and get all kinds of great information from
it is called Clicktale. This is the Clicktale website over here, You can start a free plan. They’ve also got paid
plans which are quite expensive, but they do offer paid plans.
The free plan is going to be all that you’re really going to
want to do, want to use initially. What Clicktale does is it
records every visitor that comes onto your website. Every single
visitor that comes to your website, it can record actually a
video showing you exactly what that visitor does – like where
they go, what links they click on, how long they spend on your
site, engagement, all kinds of really, really useful information
when you’re analyzing the performance of a page. I’m inside my
Clicktale account now and I’ve come to one of my projects which
is the woodworking tips online. There are different kinds of
reports that you can run. This one here is a heat map of some
description which shows you how many people get down to which
section on the page.

So, 100 percent of the people are viewing this top section of
the page. If we scroll down a little bit further and if I just
hover it over, the further we go down the page the more the
viewer numbers seem to drop off, because at this point 81
percent are seeing this part of the page. We come down here, 65
percent. If we come down here it’s 50 percent. If we keep going
down it will just keep going down even further and further. Only
34 percent are getting down to the comments section on this
page. So, what we can really do by looking at this one here is
we can say okay if we’ve got something that people need to click
on, or if we’re selling a product, make sure it’s in the section
of the page where people are actually seeing it. If, for
example, I wanted everyone to be clicking on this link, but I
had it down here, then I could increase the clicks on that link
probably by 30 percent or more just by lifting the image into
more prominent place on the page.

That’s one of the reports. Another one of the reports is mouse
click. This one up here… Which one was it? This was scroll
reach. It shows you how far people are scrolling down. The next
one is mouse clicks. On this report we can see this is the
number one place that people click on this particular page.
Again, I’m analyzing the top performing page or the page that
gets the most traffic, because if we make a small improvement in
here then the whole site will improve. This one here we can see
that this image at the top here gets the most clicks. Then, if I
scroll down a little bit further we can see that this little
thumbnail image gets the second highest amount of clicks equal
with this one here. That can be quite insightful if you’re
playing around with positioning of images and things like that.

The next one there, and I really like this one, is mouse move. This is a
heat map. It shows you where people are having their mouse. You
can see these dark red spots. This is where people’s mouse
cursor is going. You can see really where different people are
clicking, essentially, and what they’re doing. That’s the next
one. Another thing, there’s lots, lots more that you can do.
But, one of the other things you can do in here is have a look
at recordings. If I just go back a step here, I just want to
show you the dashboard of Clicktale a little bit more. This is
the dashboard. This is for the one website that I showed you,
woodworking tips online. Lots and lots of cool things you can do
and different things you can see. They’ve also got a real time
monitor. Then, they’ve got visitor recordings. This is the one I
wanted to show you. It doesn’t record every single visitor that
comes to the website. It only records a few visitors per day in
the free account, which is usually more than enough. Because you
don’t need to watch that many recording to see what’s happening.
If we have a look on January 12 there were 5 recordings on that
day. We can see the different recordings here. I can find out
more information by clicking this little + button. I can see
that, first, the person came into this page about carport plans.
Then, maybe they clicked on… I’m not sure if they clicked on
something or not.

In any case, what we can actually do is we can click this play button. When
I do that it will start actually showing me the recording of the
person that visited the website. This is just going to open. We
can change the speed that we want to see here. Let’s just see.
It may be a little bit hard to see on my video I’m making here.
But, if I click this play button we’ll see if we can actually…
I’m not scrolling at all now. This is showing you… And, again,
it’s really hard to see here, but this is showing what the
visitor was doing when they were on my site. You can see they’re
clicking here and they’re going to different pages. A little bit
hard to see exactly what’s happening, but basically the way it
works is it just shows you a recording of exactly what was
happening on the page. So, Clicktale, really, really good tool
to use when you want to analyze your visitors and improve your
websites., again, really, really good. You can also
use Google Analytics. And, you can also use this for analyzing
different pages and making changes and for doing split tests and
things like that. I guess the real message that I want to get
across here is that sometimes it’s not all about generating new
traffic. It’s just about knowing what to do with your existing
traffic. If you can optimize it then you always make more money.

Ezra: Thanks, Aidan.

Aidan: You’re welcome.

Ezra: Yeah, awesome. I hope you found that useful. If you want to follow
more of what Aidan’s up to, which I highly recommend that you
do, it’s You should. I’ll put a link below,
because I misspell his name sometimes.

Aidan: Okay.

Ezra: Thank you so much for taking some time to hang out with us, Aidan.
Thanks for coming by.

Aidan: Thanks for having me, and thanks for listening, guys.

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