Smart Marketer Podcast

Travel: The Pros & Cons for Marketers

by Ezra Firestone

By Smart Marketer | January 25, 2020

How comfortable are you with traveling right now? Our beloved hosts, Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw , invite Ezra Firestone to discuss the current climate of domestic and international travel since the announcement of Covid. In this segment of #NotBusiness, they discuss how travel can be both exciting and stressful, and how every trip requires a different type of energy. Tune in to find out how our hosts plan to handle travel going forward — plus get some helpful tips to make your trips a little more pleasurable.

You Will Learn:

    • Our pros and cons of traveling
    • Why Molly considers travel her biggest life teacher
    • Why you should be aware of the type of trip you’re taking
    • What we think post-Covid travel will look like

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1:05 Why now is the perfect time to discuss traveling

2:07 Ezra talks about his love/hate relationship with travel.

4:32 “If you’re not traveling, you’re not living.” Do you agree?

6:35 Molly explains why travel has been her biggest life teacher.

9:05 Travel Habits: What can you do to make travel more pleasurable?

13:34 John explains what “turn and burns” are and why he stopped doing them.

15:05 Here’s how we plan to handle post-Covid travel.

19:26 Hey, you! Yeah, the person reading this. This shoutout is for you!

23:24 Does your business NEED live events? We feel your pain.

25:03 Thank you for listening. <3