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Traffic Bootcamp 2015: Behind the Scenes


It is not because of some trick that I am able to drive traffic profitably. It’s because of consistent processes.

Consistent processes create predictable results. And that’s what we want in this game.

And we do the same thing over and over:

We set up our sales funnel, then we decide who we are going to target and with what message. And we continually optimize this process.

It’s nothing sexy. But it’s fundamental to building a successful business.

Video Highlights:
0:15 Consistent processes create predictable results
0:30 With traffic, you figure out where you’re going to send people
0:40 Who is my target audience?
0:50 I know my audience, now what message am I putting in front of them?
1:15 What this event is all about?
1:30 Check out our next Traffic Bootcamp
1:45 Testimonials
1:55 A great product, brand and website are nothing if you don’t have targeted customers
2:15 Doesn’t matter the size of your budget, you can now maximize your return
2:30 This material is action-based

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Ezra: There’s nothing about sexy about traffic. We’re able to spend $10,000 a day on advertising, and generate $45,000 or more a day in revenue, not because we know some special trick. It’s because we have consistent processes. Consistent processes create predictable results. So, we do the same things over and over, right. We set up our sales funnel. We drive our advertising. We make sure we know who we are putting our sales message in front of.

So you figure out where you’re going to send people… So you have your goal… Then, you figure out, “Ok, I know what I want to do… Who am I putting this message in front of? Who is my target audience? Are they on Pinterest, or Instagram, or Google? Are they women or are they men? What age are they, and what are they interested in?” So, who are they?

And then, What am I putting in front of them? So I know what I want people to do, I know who they are. Now I have to put a message in front of them to get them to engage, to get them to click. I have to sell them by getting their attention and getting them to click on my message. And once they click, I have to get them to do what I want them to do. Then I optimize that process.

That’s what this event is all about. It’s about the tactics, strategies and processes of optimizing traffic. And it’s not particularly sexy. It’s not anything special. But it’s fundamentals. It’s slow, steady, consistent movement forward. And I’d love to show you how to do the same thing.

Below this video you’ll see a link to check out our next Traffic Bootcamp. I hope you get a chance to come down. I hope you’ve enjoyed a chance to check out a little behind the scenes, and you’ve learned a thing or two. Thanks for watching. I’ll catch you in the next one.

Ben: Many people in the ecommerce space spend a lot of their time developing a product and a brand, and building an incredible site. But at the end of the day, if you don’t know how to get targeted traffic to your website and convert them into a customer, you don’t have anything. That’s what Ezra has been talking about all weekend.

I’m already on track with my first couple projects, but this has been a great exercise in learning some things I didn’t already know. Working on new ad platforms and that kind of thing…

Theron: I definitely recommend this course for anyone who is on the online space, and is wondering how to drive more traffic to either their website or their Amazon listings. Now, no matter the size of the budget I have, I can maximize my return on that investment.

So, no matter if you’re one guy, or a hundred guys, or a thousand guys, or your Proctor and Gamble, you can still get something out of this.

Ian: I was expecting it to be like most, where you just get a lot of concepts. But I was really happy to learn that it was really action-based. And you got a lot of things done.

It was great for all levels. You could be a beginner and get a lot of material that would help you stand on your feet for the first time and start walking. And you could also be really advanced, and there was still material there for you to learn and grow.

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