Shopify Mastermind Interviews: 12 Videos on Facebook Ads, Improving Your Brand, Building Relationships & More

by Ezra Firestone

Want to learn from some of the smartest marketers on Shopify?

Before the Covid-19 lockdown, I attended a live Shopify Mastermind in Atlanta, GA where I joined 100s of business owners who were excited to share their best ideas with others in the community.

While there, I was lucky enough to interview 7 of the most successful people in the room: Maxwell Finn, Tommie Powers, Reese Evans, Anton Kraly, Charles Ngo, Justin Sardi and Nick Peroni.

We covered a ton of interesting topics, from the challenges beginners face up to some pretty advanced Facebook funnels…

And while a lot has changed in the world since then, these bite-sized clips are full of timeless advice and quick wins for your business…

Watch my roundup of all 12 videos below:

“What is your #1 piece of advice for ecommerce business owners just starting out?”

“What is your #1 piece of advice for ecommerce business owners going from 6 to 7 figures?”

“Is there something small that people can do today to help improve their business?”

“What are you most excited about in ecommerce right now?

“Are there specific tactics or strategies working for you on Facebook or Instagram right now?”

“What does your content marketing strategy look like?”

“How have you gone about developing industry relationships?”

“Who have you looked to for guidance or as an example while building your brand or honing your craft?”

“What do you think most ecommerce business owners should know, but don’t?”

“What is the hardest part about running your own business?”

“What ecommerce brand is killing it with their marketing right now?”

“What are you most excited about in the future of ecommerce?”